English: teenage boy with sunglasses

English: teenage boy with sunglasses (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When it comes to teaching, teaching teenagers is the most difficult task in many occasions. Are you a teenager? Do you have teenage children? Were you a troubled child during your teenage years?

I like to tell my students that teenage years is a 20th Century invention, that if theyd’ been born 500 years ago they’d be married and  working to raise their children and family pig.

Sign of the times

Developed societies have expanded the time needed to become a grown-up.

The needs of a complex world is taking us more and more time to get ready for life and economy is stopping most of our youngsters to fly away from the nest.

Parents are willing to give their kids what they didn’t have at their age, so they can sometimes be a bit too soft or a bit too hard.

If you add up TV on the equation, teenagers are totally confused by the world they live in and it’s not totally their fault, there’s much more to blame.

A war inside

Teenagers are rebellious, and so was I when I was in my teens. They are also experiencing a tremendous hormone battle inside their bodies which makes them feel very moody and they tend to believe they’re more experienced than what they really are.

But we know all that, when it comes to the classes, teenagers basically have one big problem that feels scary to me, even though I think I had the same one…

No interest

Whatever sounds childish lacks interest for a teenagers, whatever sounds adult lacks interest for teenagers… so what’s left? not much really.

It seems they’re only interested in their world, and that’s why it’s so difficult to get to them. Most of them are great kids, and once they open the door and allow you to access everything goes on wheels.

But they won’t easily let you in. I have some advantage with some of my students who like rock music or motorcycles as they come to me to ask me directly. It’s more difficult with the rest.

Are you a teenager?

If you are a teenager, you need to know you’re really lucky because you’re young, but you’re also weak as everything confuses you too much.

Your biggest problem is that you think you know everything, while you’re actually beginning to learn everything.

You shouldn’t think the wind blows to upset you, we love you mate! show us a smile in return!

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