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If there’s something we can call ugly about learning a language, I think the vast majority of students will agree that we are referring to grammar no matter the language. Can we understand it? Does it exist for a reason?

Grammar is an ugly monster whose work consists of making languages clearer by helping us out with a defined number or rules. It is the language constitution one would say.

The only problem about grammar is that it tries to make you feel like there’s no other possible grammar in the world, so you always struggle when you try to understand it.

No worries, let’s get to know a few things about grammar:

Don’t try to understand grammar

Grammar is not to be understood, it is to be followed blind no matter how you feel. We can only understand grammar when our language competence is very high, and if that’s not the case, forget it.

Imitate grammar

Grammar is full or irregularities in every language, but it doesn’t matter. The real reason why it exist is to make a bunch or rules to unify language. So always imitate, irregularities are less common.

Don’t compare it!

If you compare a foreign grammar with your own, you’re going to be wrong and you’re going to struggle. Forget it! Just don’t do it!


Repeat what you listen, but change the subject, the verb and the elements of the sentences. Here’s an example in English which you must apply to the language you are studying. Just one thing, keep on using the same grammar structure:

“I had my house redecorated”

and then:

“The neighbours had their cars serviced”

Don’t blame the language!

You know words matter, and unless you really use some positive staff, things won’t work at all.

Keep Thinking!

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