The Perfect Student

Recrementitious Parts

Recrementitious Parts (Photo credit: nikkorsnapper)

Perfection does not exist, but we can do our very best to get as close to it as possible. Here’s the definition of the perfect language student. Don’t miss it, it can change your life to become a classroom Terminator.


The perfect language machine is motivated, always motivated. Unless you want it, you’ll just struggle. Go for it no matter what, no matter how.

Not afraid

You mustn’t be afraid of your mistakes, that would be a mistake itself. Mistakes are very good, because they tell us what we need to improve. Love your mistakes and face them in order to correct them.


The perfect learning machine is always smiling and in a good mood. Otherwise our cognitive channel closes, so never fight nature.


A good student must live the language, not just study it as something different from life itself. Be alive, live your class and enjoy it to the most. Being a student should never be a passive task.

Outside the class

Language is a real thing in real life, don’t imprison it to the classroom reality! You need to use it, live it, listen to it anytime, anywhere, just like your own!

Thinking Languages!

I’m not saying that the perfect student must read this blog, I’m saying that the perfect student must do what it’s written in it one way or another to succeed. Languages are firstly thought, secondly spoken. Keep Thinking!


Not only paraphrase, create and invent your staff in a second language, no matter what your level is, invent reality, re-design the world with your imagination.


You cannot wait until you are Shakespeare or Cervantes, you should start creating in order to get as close as possible to them! Write no matter your level!

Two ears, one mouth

The reason why we have two ears and only one mouth is because listening is more important than speaking. Listen, listen, listen, listen and listen as much second language as you can, no matter how well or bad you understand, keep on listening.

Never quit

Quitting = Losing. Clear, innit?


Whatever you love, love it in another language. You have internet blogs, books, TV shows or people interested… get anything you need and live your passion in another language just focusing on your passion, not on the language. That will create your own mental system and make you learn.

Never translate

What language does SuperBaby translate to what she doesn’t understand? None, do the same, only children learn languages.

No excuses

The perfect student will never excuse him or herself. The perfect student will just find the solution.

Be honest

We must accept our limitations. I don’t want you to believe I have been the perfect student, nor am I the perfect teacher. But I keep trying it.

Keep on trying!


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