HealthThe reason why teachers are among the people who suffer more mental problems has a lot to do with the fact that we normally get frustrated in class, why? it has a lot to do with the students…

 Imagine something that really means a lot to you, something important and in which y0u’ve put a lot of effort in, something that can make you cry and that you have to work on daily basis, putting all the effort you’re capable of… and something you don’t control as it is in someone else’s hands…

Well, that is basically a student.

Can’t you hear me?

When I tell you to do this, it’s because I tell you to do exactly this. If I ask you whether you understand it, and you tell me you do, I assume you understand  it… so why the heck do you come up with something totally different?

It’s not easy to be a student, I know, but you sometimes make it more difficult by not listening to your teacher who is probably trying to help you. We’re all mad in the end!


Mental Health Clinic, Las Vegas

Mental Health Clinic, Las Vegas (Photo credit: misterbisson)


A solution

I always recommend all students to follow teachers blind, because it’s the wisest thing to do. Once we accept a teacher must know his or her work, we must give the teacher the authority to command.

But teachers make mistakes, so if you think your teacher is not capable of teaching you properly, then you should change your teacher. However; most of the times is the students’ frustration really, or lack of interest.

Difficult staff really, and as I told  you before, teachers cannot teach, so overall I still don’t know how the modern society has survived and it’s actually evolving!


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