Uff, what a day!

Sick and Tired (Anastacia song)Well, I have nothing to say today. It’s one of these days in which I feel everything but inspired. One of those days in which you cannot study or do whatever you had to do…

 But you know I’d tell you to do some staff even if you’re not in the mood, so I won’t contradict myself today and get my ass moving right now to write this post.

I could procrastinate a bit, but come on, unless I follow my advice; anyone would and I would be a total scam.

It’s not that bad

Even though I’m not in the mood, it’s not actually that bad. If I can write normally without suffering it like a pain in the ass, that means it won’t be that hard today despite how tired I feel.

The more I say I’m tired, the more tired I’d feel, so I won’t say it again. I will just make this task not thinking about the issue at all.

When we get into moody days we might not expect the best of us, but we don’t necessarily have to give the worst either.

 The flow

The most difficult parts of any action are especially the beginning and the ending. It can be difficult to conclude your duty, but we know we can all do that.

However; the start of something can be gap between doing or staying on the sofa.

F-it. pizza and video games then

It’s pure physics that a body in motion will remain in motion, which means that a body which is not in motion will stay quiet. We all need to rest, but none of us need to stay all day lying because the only thing that will happen is that you’ll be more and more tired and it would be more difficult to start anything.

So, no matter your mood, just move your ass! That’s what I’ve done and I am surprised to see me typing quite fast right now, because once you start moving, you go on with the flow.

Get you momentum, I was typing too slowly at the beginning of this post and I have improved a lot now, you can also do the same. There’s no secret, just do it and do it now.

The end

Feeling proud of yourself helps your self esteem and your mood. If you can achieve a little task, get a little thing done, get a little victory when you’re feeling down, then you can be well proud of yourself when you get to the end of that task.

I am very proud of myself right now, and I am very proud of yourself too as I know most of you out there are doing what you have to do.

Keep Thinking!


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