I will try

English: Angry woman.


Some of my students really understand what I tell them to do, and they really understand what was wrong and the benefits they would get if they did things differently, and they promise me they would try… and I get very angry!


Ok, not that angry, but I don’t like that at all! What’s the meaning of I will try? That you may do it or not? That you might not even bother?

Hey boy, throw the rubbish on your way out

Let’s go back in time, when you were a child. How many times have you heard any older member of your family (mum in my case) asking you to throw the rubbish?

I don’t know about you, but it was something I didn’t like. I must admit it, I didn’t like it, but I did it. I now understand that my mum deserved that and much more from me, but I didn’t get that that time and I felt most obliged to do it.

So I grabbed the back on my way out and threw it away as a good child must do. But let’s change the situation a bit.

“Hey boy, throw the rubbish on your way out”
“Okay mum, I’ll try to do it”

And you leave home without the bag…

Why didn’t you throw the rubbish kid?

“I know mum, but I tried…”

I think I made my point quite clear, and someone will be punished without dessert for a couple of days!

If your teacher tells you to do something, do it, don’t say you’ll try because that’s just an excuse.

Keep Thinking!


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