A second language can save your life


Cat (Photo credit: kevin dooley)

Here’s a true story of how speaking a foreign language once saved the lives of two members of a family.


In a great Victorian mansion in the countryside, there lived Thomas, a young and inquisitive mouse who would spend his daily life playing around once the house was deserted.



mouse (Photo credit: Brian_Kellett)

As soon as its human inhabitants left, he went out playing. The house was huge and jumping from the sofa to the tea-table for sport was a great thing to do.


Mum and Dad were always happy to see their offspring leave their hole on the wall to play around, and always kept an eye on him just to check whether the mouse was save.


Thomas loved eating cheese, napping on socks and drinking from the toilet water. Yeah, I know it’s disgusting but pets seem to enjoy this.

Mother Mouse only banned one thing to Thomas: “Never go into the garden, because there lives a dangerous fat dirty ugly cat who eats mice”

Thomas the Mouse obeyed mum day after day, until one day he was bored of doing the same things, and I think you can imagine where he went to… yeas! that’s right, he went to the garden.

The sun was shining and grass was wet, the trees were tall and the flowers were blooming, and it was wonderful! Thomas had never had so much fun in his entire life, which wasn’t very long by the way.

But I think you can imagine who appeared now, the dangerous fat dirty ugly cat who eats mice. Thomas was so scared he couldn’t move, nor he could speak or even think.

And mummy suddenly appeared. She was also scared to death, but she had to do something to protect her child, so she bravely put herself in between the dangerous fat dirty ugly cat who eats mice and her son.

She looked at the cat in the eye, and she timidly said: “Woof”

And the cat, scared by the mere thought of a dog, ran away. Mum looked at Thomas and told him: “See how important is to speak a foreign language?”


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