Drive your emotions, drive your life

English: Emotions
English: Emotions (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Do you really think you are the captain of your soul? Are you really in control of your life? Are you heading to where you want to be heading? We all think we have more control in our lives than what we really have, so let’s go for it!

We normally believe we have chosen most of the things we have in life and how we deal with them, but some were imposed and justified to make us feel better.

Change your attitude inside to affect the outside

Have you really chosen to wake up even though you are tired, and to go to work and to make an effort you’re not willing to make?

 Figure 18 from Charles Darwin's The Expression...

Two different points of view here, in one hand we all need a job, on the other hand most of us would prefer to be millionaires and spend our time swimming in the Caribbean sea.

But for those of us with obligations, we can always smile back at them and think they are in our lives for a reason, and that they’d do well.

What if you didn’t have that job you sometimes complain about?

See the entire picture and think of the long run. You will have the possibility of doing lots of things because you have a job. This will help you to overcome it better.

Studying languages can be seen as an obligation, a tedious activity or even a problem. Well, in that case you have two options, you either stop studying it, or you change-up your mind in order to have fun from it.

No matter where you are, decide where you’ll be

It is important that you set for little goals in life, and greater ones too. Don’t think of living la vida loca in the Caribbean sea if you haven’t even thought about paying your bills this month. That can only stress you.

 English: On a beach in the Caribbean Sea.

Think of a holiday first, for example, and go getting the big deal little by little. You should probably need to learn a language, start studying it in order to get ready for your dream.


English: Free Dive into the Caribbean sea

This will not only make you happy, but it will include a purpose. I am a self motivated individual even though I’m on twelve-hour working schedule most of my week days.

The reason is that I am thinking of  attempting my biggest task in life, to cycle around the world on a classic motorcycle. It is too much to chew of a sudden, so I take it easy.

I enjoy my motorbike, I am building up my business in order to allow me to be away for a while in the future while it is still going on, which means I have to put a higher effort now, which is fine with me.

So what’s your dream?



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