Thank you Brain!

Give a Little Whistle

Give a Little Whistle (Photo credit: c-lemon)

In the middle of our good resolutions, all of a sudden, that inner voice is telling you the bad things, the bad point of view… the infectious state of mind telling you that you better stay off duty and leave it to others…

Jiminy Cricket stands on your shoulder and tells you what’s good and what’s wrong, and we’ve always thought this was a nice thing from our conscious mind warning us from evil.

But you must remember you are not Pinocchio and life is not a Disney film, so what if you inner voice is wrong?


Jiminy Cricket has the best intentions, he only wants to protect you, but he is also killing many of your choices in life when he dresses them with fear.

Human brain has only one purpose, to make you survive, and it can sometimes be too protective, as much as not letting you improve or take your chances in life.

When he is telling you not to touch a spider or a snake, you better listen to him. When he is telling you to be afraid of learning, thank him goodbye.

Thank you! Another time maybe…

Here’s a very simple exercise you can easily do. Every time fear, your conscious mind or Jiminy Cricket is stopping you, say “thank you for your advice, but I don’t need it” and…

Stop thinking over and over your fears and limitations. That’s not helping you at all! Go for it!

Many students in my class are afraid of speaking, they’re terrified of making mistakes, they’re driven by Jiminy Cricket! and yes, he’s a very valuable friend, but he’s not supposed to control your life.

Keep Thanking!

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