SuperBaby is Monkey see Monkey do

S U P E R  B A B Y

S U P E R B A B Y (Photo credit: Sari Tonkr)

The number of people who has requested SuperBaby real identity is enormous, and I must tell you it cannot be disclosed. Super heroes rely on being anonymous! But we’re lucky to get some more of her adventures in the world.

It’s amazing how nobody pointed out anything else about SuperBaby’s five senses, as babies do have 5 senses, but not under control. So it is actually as if they didn’t have them.

Babies get the information from the outside world by sucking things, that’s why they suck everything they get! It may seem horrible for us grown-ups, but it’s actually a great way of investigating the world around you.

Monkey see, monkey do

Despite the lack of control, SuperBaby is always willing to imitate everyone around her. Children imitate anyone who comes closer, which is something quite funny really, but we don’t always notice this behaviour.

Babies tend to imitate everything, but they need to get it from a grown-up first, which is not easy. Superbaby then behaved just like everyone she saw, speaking monkeys around her who never stopped talking and talking.

But what Superbaby hears when we speak is something like this: blablabla, blablabla… which is not bad really.


So SuperBaby starts babbling too. She has to start training, and it is a difficult process. The muscles involving speaking have never been used before, as the only noise she makes is crying. But she starts speaking and training. It is like going to the gym 24/7, something only a super hero can do!

She only repeats what she listens, that’s obvious, so she just get babbling and babbling, until she finds that moving her mouth and tonghe helps, and she also finds out that vowel sounds can be joined with consonant sounds and… mamamamamamamama!

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