Once upon a time…

Fairy Tale ...

Fairy Tale … (Photo credit: lapidim)

I am going to tell you a fairy tale today, just because I feel like doing it! Fairy tales are great sources of inspiration and children love them, so I try to use them in the class as much as possible. Grown-ups can also learn something from them!

Once upon a time, in the kingdom of Insomnia, where the people never slept, there was a very sad event. The King suddenly died, he was old and therefore it was normal for  him to pass away, and despite the sadness, the Insomniers understood the fatal issue and accepted it as  it was.

After the funeral, the Insomniers wondered who would rule their kingdom later on, as the King had died without a son or a daughter, not even a Queen or any royal member remained, as he threw them out of the kingdom, as they were proved sleepers by the judges in fair trial.

Soon, many claimed their right to rule the country. Mr Nightmares suggested he’d be the best choice, Mrs Pillow said she would be better Monarch as a Queen would be best for Insomnia, and Mr Mattress requested an organised meeting so that everyone could point out their ideas.

The castle hall was opened and everyone came in. Soldiers, the butcher, housewives, children and even the priest. It was all crowded, and they were not willing to respect their turns of speaking.

“My son is just, so he’ll make the greatest king” added Mrs Yawn.

“I am better ruler than your son” Answered Mr Sleepy.

“We need someone to change the country forever and make us not feel tired” Ejaculated Mr Good-Night.

And all of a sudden, a boy jumped in the middle of the hall, smiling and with a very healthy look and energy to speak faster and louder than anyone else.

“Sorry to interrupt, dear Insomners, but I felt the need of introducing myself in order to clarify a little bit this matter. Johnny Dreams is my name, and I dreamt of this kingdom long ago. A place where people didn’t dream. And I came to see it with my own eyes, and try to understand why… and yet I found you cannot dream because you do not sleep, and it feels sad to me that you do not dream. So I must take a resolution because of this, and you should all fall down mesmerized when I count one, two, three.”

And for the first time in their lives, the Insomners closed their eyes and slept. They laid on the floor from here to there, messy and peacefully sleeping, snoring, dreaming!

Dream Fairy

Dream Fairy (Photo credit: Alexandria LaNier)

Everybody then had the same dream, they would rather sleep instead of discuss, they would rather cooperate, instead of willing a lord’s command, Insomnia shall become Slumberland. They dreamt of building up beautiful gardens, and they created a just society.

When they woke up, they found out there was work to be done, otherwise nothing would change, and Johnny Dreams helped them and commanded everyone to build bedrooms, beds and linen. And they were so recovered from their sleep, that they had plenty of power to commit.

When all the work was done, Johnny Dreams showed them the crown inherited from his dad. “I am your Prince, and only if you accept sleeping I shall be King. My father I did not convince, but to you I have shown the benefits of a good sleep”.

And everybody celebrated his coronation napping, snoring and not much of a clapping…

Remember to slepp well…

Koala sleeping on a tree top

Koala sleeping on a tree top (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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