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It is very trendy these days, I know, and millions of people are aware of it these days and trying to reach their goals by the law of attraction. I must confess I had my reserves at first about it, but I read about it and found out what it’s been said about it is actually quite good.

 In my opinion, what’s said in all books and videos about it state something quite useful. First of all, they tell you to believe, believe your dreams will come true.

 Here’s a video from a very well-known expert on this matter, let’s get a word from Deepak Choprah.

Believe in you

 If you remember the article three simple rules to learn a language, the first one was to believe.

So for those of you who like the law of attraction, I can tell you it can also help you learning a language and it is a great point to start from.

 Unless you believe in yourself, success will be denied.


 Result comes from action, especially when we’re learning a language, so the next thing you must do is move your ass towards your goal.

 Unless you make an effort, there are no results. Move your ass.


 It may look like that with the previous actions succeed is for granted, but it is not. At least not yet. You need to keep on doing it until you get it done, and that’s the most difficult part of it.

 The majority of us don’t fail, we give up bored, tired of waiting. But that is not what you should do. You should  work till the very end.

 Unless you wait patiently, success won’t come.

Do you want to learn a language? It takes time, meanwhile, keep thinking!


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