Rat race

English: An artist's depiction of the rat race...

English: An artist’s depiction of the rat race in reference to the work and life balance. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rat_race Made with following images: http://www.openclipart.org/detail/75385 http://www.openclipart.org/detail/74137 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Wake up, have breakfast, go to school, go to work, go somewhere and get results, be better than the rest, be better than yourself, be better than anyone else. Get a mortgage, get a car, get a couple to raise kids, pay insurance policy, run, run, run… Aaaarrggghhh!!!!! Get me outta here!!!!!!

People come to my little school desperate, with pale faces asking me for help, they need a second language, they need a diploma, they need something to get them rolling into the work market again, they need money, they need to belong, they need to take part!

Take it easy

As humans, we’re total contradictions, and so I love telling everyone to take it easy and to move their asses, get it?

We live in a world leading us to a total massacre, or so I see it. We are in desperate need of results, something to prove. I would never recommend learning a language for that reason, even though I sometimes use it as a resource for students. But come on, we need to live our lives, we don’t need to run in a rat race!

A reason, a real one…

No matter what you do, you need a reason, and a real good one, not just any stupid thing like getting a diploma or increasing your chances to get promoted. Those should only be consecuences of your achievements, but not the reason why you work for them.

Challenges must be something passionate, something you know it would make you feel proud of yourself. Only that way you can give the very best of yourself, prove you can, show the best you possible and enjoy what you are doing.

Reason and Intuition

Reason and Intuition (Photo credit: ecstaticist)

Only that way you can make it, you can stand the difficult moments and will win sooner or later.


No matter the reason a student has, I always commit to teaching, to give my very best and to make him or her learn. If the reason is not good enough, people will always give up.

It’s easy, it’s really simple, among all your obligations in life, what you need the least is one more, and learning a language is a choice. You make it an obligation and that’s it, you’ve killed your dream.

The students who are willing to learn a language for other reasons have higher chances to win. It is sad to tell you that the majority of my students didn’t learn much, and nearly all of them weren’t patient enough to wait until reaching a high level.

Unless you have a very high level in a certain language, you will forget it if you stop studying. We need C1 level according to the European reference in languages. In English that corresponds to Cambridge Advance test.

But I am extremely happy to tell you that there were many people who waited until the end, who enjoyed classes, who overcome bad days and who learnt something from me.

Those, my little students out there, make me terribly proud. Many of them are currently jobseeking, or they’ve formed a family, or they’ve moved abroad… but they all speak a foreigh language!

Keep Thinking!

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