You’re wrong!

"With every mistake we must surely be lea...

“With every mistake we must surely be learning” : A tattoo FTW! (Photo credit: graceish☮)

Human make mistakes, stones don’t. Humans are sometimes wrong, water is not. Humans learn by trial and error, because we are alive. But humans hate being told when they’re wrong

Instead of telling you about my students, I must be totally honest with you as I think I am one of the people I know who’s made more mistakes. Basically silly ones, but mistakes.

I remember the day I wanted to repair my motorbike… or the day my grandma asked me to repair a lamp… or the day I cut my friend’s hair and his mother nearly cut my throat afterwards!

But not just when I was a teenager! I’ve also made terrible mistakes as an adult. I sometimes make mistakes in the class and I sometimes get corrected by my own students.

 We hate being wrong, don’t we?

When a person makes a terrible mistake, others may laugh. I can’t help laughing when someone falls down! It’s insane but I promise I can’t!

The natural reaction to that is that we feel ashamed as we have the feeling that people may laugh at us. I think it’s natural we all accept that people may laugh at us, which is not a very big deal really.

There’s something else about mistakes in the class, especially when referring to teenagers or adults. They hate being wrong in a class. I keep telling them if they were never wrong, they wouldn’t be coming to classes, but it seems they are still afraid of being wrong.

Take advantage of your mistakes

A mistake is a valuable source of information for the student. If you are studying a language and you make a mistake, then we can be sure you need to study that bit of content specifically. They are telling you what to do in order to improve.

Learn to listen to your own mistakes so you won’t make them again. Ignore them and they will always return.

 Never hide

If you totally erase your mistakes or cover them up, you will never see them again. It is like the dog who looks the other way round as it thinks the master will not see it if it’s not seeing the master… something ridiculous.

Always hide your mistakes Never hide your mistakes, strike through them so you can read them, they are very valuable resources.

 Smile 🙂

Even though we may not like our mistakes, what if we laughed at them and that’s it? Come one, a bit of laughter will always help you to overcome things easier in life.


Laugh (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We tend to forget laughter too often, and if we all laughed at us, this world would be much better.


We make mistakes because we are humans, and as humans we can therefore learn from them and become better humans. After a mistake there’s a growing experience, like the phoenix reborn from its own ashes.

Keep Thinking!


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    1. Thank you Ida!
      You’re right confessing whether you’re right or wrong is the most difficult part, but once the crime is confessed we start improving.

      I really appreciate your support 🙂


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