Effort + Dedication = Results


When we have a goal in mind, there’s only one way of getting it, never surrender, never give-up, never quit… Always live to win!

I am very good giving advice, but not so good doing it myself. However; I try hard, I get up around 7:30 on weekdays and work on my school, this blog, publicity, I do the housework and cook, I teach, I try to get some extra time to exercise… and I sometimes wish the day had ten more hours!

Yes we can!

I am no superhero, and many of you are much busier than I am, especially those of you who have kids, mortgage, a dog…

But the answer is clear, if you want to do something in life, stick to it until you get it done. We never know how the way is going to be, we don’t know how many times we’ll be proved wrong, but we do know we’ll only need to correct ourselves again and again and never quit.

I know it’s hard, it’s bloody hard and I won’t deny it. If it were easier anyone else would do it, but once you’ve chosen your goal, never surrender. The majority of people never fail, they just give up. Be different!

Breaking fear

Fear is probably stopping you from many goals in your life. When it comes to learning a language, fear is something that puts many out of the play as it seems is one of the most fearsome experiences we can get. Just imagine yourself in the middle of the street and surrounded by people speaking in tongues when you have a problem…

But we can also imagine the solution!

Many claim it’s impossible

Some people tell me they’d love to learn a foreign language, and they’d love to come to my classes, but… (there’s usually a but) they excuse themselves by saying they’re too old, too silly, too busy, too tired, too… unwilling really.

When we really want something, and every cell of our body is directing you there, nothing can stop, no matter how hard, how difficult or how long it takes.


Just to inspire us all, can you imagine a grandpa stronger than you, and in a much better shape, someone who could easily kick your ass! I think we should all learn from this gentleman. My deepest respects.

Keep Working-Out!


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