Pendullum dance!

Brain scanning technology is quickly approachi...

I have insisted in many occasions that our brain does not differ reality from fiction, and that’s because our brain tries to build up a total image of the little it gets from our five senses.

Here’s a great video to prove it!

Before you watch the video, I have to tell you that you don’t perceive full reality as you think, but it’s not only you’re fault, neither do I or anyone else. Our brain creates reality with the elements it has and gives you the illusion of a full perception. We know this as we can easily lie to it.

Watch this beautiful video and you’ll find out how reality, which you know from common sense, becomes magic in your eyes with the pendullum dance.

Now, as that proves we can lie to our brain a bit…

Why don’t we use it in our benefit and while we learn a second language? You can by reading The Dormant Giant, Reality or Fiction and let your brain do the hard work.

Keep Thinking!


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