The end of the job interview!

English: A Pirate Flag, Made out with Skull an...

English: A Pirate Flag, Made out with Skull and crossbones.svg (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s not that I wanted to get you hooked, it is that the funny story of what happened to me in London was a bit too long for just one post, so I think it is better to split it up. Let’s see how it all ended.

 I have always thought that if I ever saw myself in a court hearing, it would mean I have really messed up my life, which at some point of the teenage years was quite close really. But  not this time. There I was scared to death, being totally the odd one out of that huge building with such as bureaucracy machinery which can freeze your blood just with a glimpse of it.


English: St Paul's Cathedral and the remaining...

English: St Paul’s Cathedral and the remaining tower of St Augustine, Watling Street, which was otherwise destroyed during World War 2. This is a HDR panoramic stitch, comprising 60 frames (3 exposures * 20 segments). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

All I had to do to get a job in an office next to Saint Paul’s Cathedral was to make a report. I didn’t know the language related to court, I didn’t know the client, I briefly read the case to find out a very sad story about a woman with mental problems requesting their two children back home… and that sexy woman looking at the ugly duckling, I mean… me.

Hi, I’m stupid

She had a really beautiful face, with a very attractive expression. She was slim and looked invincible on that suit that somehow looked sexy on her. Her black skin and brown eyes shone being so close to that pure white shirt, and two buttons undone let me dream of what was inside… and I begged.

“Ms Michaels, it’s my very first day and I have been asked to make a report about your work here, and I don’t even understand why I was allowed to enter here… but I won’t be given the job unless I make this well”

She smiled at me, oh how sweet that was, and how well protected I felt by them. I’d cursed the Filipino a few times by this time, but just my meeting Pauline was more than enough, and she told me not to worry and she sat next to me and explained me what the hearing was really going to be about and what I should do. I breathed peacefully for the very first time in the last three hours.

Hello, I’m your client

Then our client turned up. Don’t get me wrong, I pity that poor lady, but I understood why she had problems after divorce by keeping the children with her. She didn’t feel right, there was something in that sad expression that just didn’t feel right.

The Filipino told me it was going to be very difficult for her to get her children back, and so did Pauline, but she was still willing to get their custody again. She seemed desperate, and a bit mad. I later heard she had some problems with alcohol and some mental problems too. Far too many emotions for just one day!

The Pirate

The Judge was a woman, and I didn’t know what to expect, but in between all the hustle and bustle of the corridors was Pauline Michaels, who was an angel, and I wanted the Judge to be as charming as she was.

A lady in her sixties entered the room through the judges door while we all stood up. I have never seen anyone walking on crutches so fast and I have never seen such an angry face, and I don’t think it even exist or could exist such a face. She quickly sat down and I don’t know how she did it, but she entangled the crutches behind her seat so that they looked like a pair of crossed bones behind her unfriendly face.

The hearing started and our poor old client didn’t hesitate at all to get angry and to reply to the Judge despite Pauline’s indications to keep her mouth shut. And what an answer the Judge gave, I was scared to death.

Who is the gentleman at the back?

I didn’t even want to look up at her, as if she wouldn’t see me if I didn’t look at her. Something only babies and guys wearing a leather jacket in court believe. I spent most of the time copying absolutely everything, and I sometimes had to figure the words out by its phonetics (I really thanked my university teachers for the first time!) as I had never heard legal terms before.

And the Judge, just my mere curiosity I guess, after leaving our client in tears and stopping all her stupid comments, asked Pauline: “And who is the gentleman at the back?” and I promised my heart stopped beating, I died and I saw a tunnel, and a bright light at the end of it… and an angel rescued me again, Pauline just answered something like “a stupid guy by whom I have to be accompanied by, madame” or some like that… and I came back to life.

The report

I would have love to invite Pauline a coffee, or even ask her out and pick her up in a luxury limo, but the truth is we all spread right when the pirate Judge let us go, and never knew anything else about her anymore.

I did see the client several times after the hearing, but that’s a different story. Right then, I had to run to the tube, get to the office carrying a ten kilo file which had been added up twenty-seven pages of pure nonsense in an illegible writing.

I was given a desk and a computer, and spent the rest of the day writing a report, and once finished I gave it to the one-eye Filipino, who read it carefully with his inquisitive only eye and told me: “I’m impressed Paco” with a strange accent. “Take it upstairs to the lawyer who is dealing the case, he’d be impressed too” and winked his eye, which I’d never knew whether he was winking or blinking…

And I knew I just had a job, so I relaxed a bit and went upstairs to find the solicitor to get a second review of my work. And it was funny to hear “Drop it on my desk, I quit this job today, someone will have a look at it next week”.

Really? Was that all? All that pressure for nothing!!!!!


You are always doomed to whatever fate when you’re at a job interview, so no matter what you do or how you do, you’re always the underdog. So don’t think it’s your fault if you don’t get selected, they might know what they’re looking for and it wasn’t just you, or they might select you but not tell you until the end, as it happened to me.

There are many tips you can get from body posture, speech, willingness, but there’s always one that never fail, be yourself. I will also include another one, do whatever you have to do without thinking of the consecuences, just do it!.

If I had thought of it, I wouldn’t have done all the adventure you’ve just read, and I got the job, and I enjoyed it and learnt from it a lot! I spent nearly a year there and I finally got familiar with the legal terms, even though I do not understand them at all!

Keep Thinking!


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    1. Thank you Ida. We tend to behave different in different situations, but apart form our roleplay, we are basically the same person, so if you don’t know what role to play, the answer is simple, just you!


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