Job interview

At a job interview

At a job interview (Photo credit: Arroz y Asado)

It’s common thing nowadays that I’m asked about job interviews, and everyone’s willing to learn the keys for them, so I guess this may help some of you as well. It’s very difficult really, but I will try to help you out as well as I do with my students, by telling you what happened to me in a job interview.

I was twenty-four, a total dreamer with a luggage full of illusions and little money. I had just had a time of earning a lot of cash, but I decided to spend it all in living la vida loca, so there I was, broke as usual.

UK Adventure

I decided to go to London, just to see what would happen really. I’d been two years teaching private lessons and I really didn’t know whether to go on with the teaching career or changing to something else, so I left home.

After some time drinking in bars, finding accomodation and re-visiting the pubs and clubs I had visited on my previous holidays, I started job-searching.

I prepared my wonderful CV, I hit the streets and bombed every e-mail address just to find out how difficult it was to get a decent job working few hours and earning lots!

Solicitors firm

I thought I would find something related to teaching or languages, as my experience and studies show. But no, I was phoned by a solicitors firm in the city. I am so clever I went to London without a suit, as I thought my leather jacket was a much better option for a bad boy like me.

English: 2007 613 Schott Perfecto

English: 2007 613 Schott Perfecto (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So, if any of you has an appointment for a job interview, never turn up wearing a leather jacket, they might give you the job!  I entered the office making a funny noise with my Doc Martens and I was met by an asian receptionist who was very nice. She told me to wait.

A one-eye Filipino invited me in, half my height and bloody nice too! I was welcome as never before by those two, I was offered tea and the interview started. I will never forget the Filipino words:

“There’s no interview. We are in desperate need of someone to go to the Royal Courts of Justice to meet our lawyer and take her the case files. All the lawyer’s details are inside this folder in which you can find the room of the hearing. You should introduce yourself and come into the hearing to make a report of what happens there to give it to the solciitor who is dealing with the case. I will mark the place on a map… Go! Go! you’re running late!
“Ah! I forgot, if we like your report you get the job”
The Royal Courts of Justice Sign, London

The Royal Courts of Justice Sign, London (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Surprised Smiley

Okay, okay… I was happy because I had a chance, but horrified as I was going to f**k it up! Royal Courts of Justice, city centre I think, a lawyer, subway trains, stops I had never been to… I was mad!

I found the place, there was a check in at the entrance, metal detector and there was poor Paco outside sunny Spain wearing a leather jacket and Doc Martens boots in the Royal Courts of Justice, which I didn’t even know it existed half an hour ago, but it sounded quite scary to me.

I tried to speak to the police officers at the entrance willing to know where the heck the room whatever was, and I just received the craziest look I could get in return. I wanted to run through the corridors of that huge building, but carrying a ten kilo file and  the number of police officers there stopped me from doing it.


London’s building are horrible for a rush, the heating is so strong that you start sweating soon, especially if you are wearing leather and running, just to find the room in time and meet the lawyer.

And there was Pauline Michaels, the sexiest thing wearing a suit ever in the world’s history!

Do you want to know what happened next? Tomorrow same time, same place.

Keep Thinking!

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