Before falling asleep, dream!

The Mother’s Dream

The Mother’s Dream (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What do you do when you get in bed? I am not trying to get to know about your intimate life, I just want to tell you a secret way of studying and conditioning ourselves to reach our goals. This works very well when we are learning a language so you better go on reading if you want to find out!

Have you ever wondered why we dream? I have had wonderful dreams, and I guess there are many others I cannot remember, but they were worth experiencing.


I wish all your dreams come true, except if you dream of war or suffering! Dreams are vehicles to an unknown world in which the rules of space or time don’t seem to apply as in reality.

We enter the realm of the Dormant Giant, our subconscious part of the brain. Down there, we can live extraordinary situations or just experience something you recently saw or heard. What are dreams then? Just a fly over imagination? Do we really fly while dreaming?


Dreaming is the way your mind trains for what may happen. Guessing what’s to come prepare us to deal with the possibilities that may occur. We know that we tend to fail when we predict in advance, but it doesn’t matter, we are getting ready just in case.

If you close your eyes and try to lead your dreams anyway you want, we can actually have a certain degree of control. If we get real good at this, we’ll confuse our minds as they won’t differ this day-dreaming from reality. Okay, it’ll probably be night-dreaming if you do it just when you get in bed 🙂

Brain work-out

The point here is that we must use this capacity in our benefit. I have told you to imagine in a different language, and we’ve read several stories I have invented in order to help you call the muses.

You now know this is like training a sport or any particular skill. Repetition works very well, but it is essential to have fun as well. Imagine yourself driving that cadillac through the Nevada desert or performing in the Colliseum, and use the language you are learning for it!

Keep Thinking!

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