Make your brain work without effort

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If I tell you to close your eyes and think of your favourite dish, you’d easily do it and you won’t have to make an effort for it. If I tell you to think of fifty different combinations of several ingredients and how to cook them, you’d probably tell me to shut up quite soon. What’s the difference?

The different is quite simple, we don’t like to be told what to do, and we don’t like to make an effort either. But I am quite sure that an expert chef who is passionate and loves his job would not have much trouble to make the task. Expert chefs who love their jobs actually do it all the time just because they love it!

Sweet little lies to your brain

We have read how our brain has different levels. Each part corresponds to different evolutionary levels, and they are different. We can work using its advantages. Your consciousness doesn’t like to be told or to make efforts as long as it’s enjoying. We can learn how to enjoy, you just have to read our previous article, but let’s take things a step forward.

Brain scanning technology is quickly approachi...

Brain scanning technology is quickly approaching levels of detail that will have serious implications (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Choose something that you really enjoy. Cooking is a good topic if you’re passionate about cooking. In my case, I would spend hours reading, listening and watching about motorcycles or rock music. Find that which can be reading about for ages, find the right topic to watch on TV, find something you really enjoy and decide to live it in a second language.

Living, not just observing

Anything you want to do must come from passion, we must accomplish our tasks with the right state of mind and unless we get fully immerse, there are no real results.

It is funny how some people are always searching for the meaning of life or for the magic shortcut. Life is not that simple, life is for living it! Keep on moving and forget where you’ll get, just remember you want to get somewhere.

Live your passion in a different language and you’ll learn that language without much effort. You will have your brain tamed and working for you effortlessly while you just relax.

Thinking Languages!

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