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We all have great expectations, and it mainly depends on us to reach them. But things will not turn up as we expect…

DP Challenge.

When I was a child I dreamt of riding a Harley Davidson, I wanted to have an Alaskan Malamute pet dog and I expected life to be easy. Money will flow in my bank account and work would only be an illusion as I didn’t expect to get any responsibility after I finished school.

During my high school years, I still wanted a motorbike, but I understood a Harley was far too much for a teenager, so I pined for a moped. I also understood you have to work for your money, and I really suffered my summer jobs. While all my friends were on the beach I was on a construction site carrying bricks at 38ยบ C. At the end of the day my salary was just a bit higher than their pocket-money, so everything became dull.

University was the best period in my life. I finally left home and freedom was my flag. As long as I was still at uni and getting my parents money everything was a dream. I also worked during that time, but having my basic needs covered I could spend my little salary in anything I wanted.

But I kept struggling, and the more things I wanted, the more I struggled, and I discovered that a university degree does not necessarily mean a higher salary, and I became a grey person.

I nearly broke in tears when I found out my expectations were all long gone. And I needed time to recover… until I discovered I was so sad just because I didn’t have no longer expectations!

Dreaming is the key, so no matter what you get, is what you wish what makes you face your life with a smile on your face. We can never lose that childish look to life and we should dream on. My situation now is a bit different on the outside, and very different on the inside as I expect far too many things and would never think that expecting is wrong again in my life.

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