How to love what you are doing

1132815028-3979This post is after yesterday’s article in which I recommended you to love what you’re doing. It’s not always easy, or at least it doesn’t seem to come out naturally. But we can make it if we really want to. Here are the keys to enjoy what you are doing, so you will get results.

 There’s no denying that when we feel passionate about something, we don’t mind spending time doing it at all. I could easily spend hours riding my motorcycle through a mountain road or reading a good book in my room.

When we enjoy something, we normally feel relaxed, we don’t blame at all, and we never seem to get tired. However, when we are not enjoying that much, it’s totally the opposite, we can’t stop blaming and we want it to finish as soon as possible.

Don’t blame

Come one, we’ve talked about this a few times, your subconscious mind cannot differ reality from fiction. If you keep on saying you don’t like something, you are sending a very clear message to your mind, and you will never like it!

I hate doing the house work, cleaning, washing, tidying… the only I like is cooking, and not even at all times. Instead of reminding myself how I hate it I just think of how good my house will be once cleaned.

Move your ass

This is a sentence you’ll hear me saying quite a lot, and if you’ve read other articles you may have read it before. I know it’s not very polite, but it’s great to explain what I want to say. Do something!

If you just start moving you’ll find out it’s not such a difficult thing. The great author Elsa Punset claims that we should all think we’ll do those things we don’t like for no more than ten minutes. It is great because once we’ve started it’s easier to continue and in the end, we’ll get things done.

An object in movement will always keep itself moving… a man on the sofa will always keep itself on the sofa… Move your ass!

The horizon

Don’t look your feet while walking, don’t focus on the short distance, as that will only discourage you. The things we normally do have a long-term repercussion. Try to focus on the long term and not the short term.

I can easily understand my students when they complain about grammar activities. Yes, they’re boring, and even though I try to make them attractive by showing the reasons, by discussing in the class using the structures in a different context and all that, they’re still boring. But you won’t have to make them forever! Work on that now until you reach your goal, and then forget about it.

Challenge yourself and win with time

This is a very easy point, challenge yourself and win. If you don’t know how, just make it throughout time. If you never give up, you’ll never really lose, you’ll be winning and you’ll get to that one day. Be patient!


Funny isn’t it? The reason for this article is to make you enjoy, and I am telling to do what you are supposed to find in the end… well, yes, that’s the idea. Enjoy what you are doing from the very beginning, and think fo how good it’s going to be and well you’re doing and think positive!

Words are very important here. As we said before, we are not supposed to blame, but to say positive things. So keep on telling yourself how important this is and how funny, and how good!


There are plenty of people in this wide planet learning the same thing you are learning, doing the same thing you are doing, enjoying the same thing you are enjoying… and if you’re reading this it means you have an internet connection. Find those people in your town, surfing the web or going to event, but socialize with them and have fun!

More to come, keep reading us and remember we always love your feedback, leave your comments even if you want to blame on us!

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