Jim Thorpe at the 1912 Olympics

Jim Thorpe at the 1912 Olympics (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is not the first time I say that it only takes 21 days to build up a habit. Well, maybe I talked too much or too soon… for some people it might take longer, for others shorter. The three-week rule helps, but if you want to achieve whatsoever, you must commit.

Learning a language or going to the gym, unless you are totally committed to the action, you won’t get results. A lot of people dream of playing the guitar, learning Japanese or breaking sport records. However; it is not enough to wish, you must take action for it.

Day after day

Writing this blog is hard work. I try to publish everyday, and even though publishing on daily basis is not really my target, I want to have at least four posts weekly. As you can see, I had to readjust my daily routines a little bit in order to develop this beautiful project.

We are all very good at that really, the problem is how to make throughout time. The only answer is to commit. Do you really want to make it? Are you ready to put whatever needed to make it happen?

The first thing you need to answer are the questions above. It is okay to try something and see if you get hooked to it, but after some time, unless you commit to it, you’ll be wasting time.


We’re not very good at suffering, none of us are. That’s why we cannot commit to doing something if we don’t like it. The main reason why people learn to play the guitar or they train athleticism despite how tedious and hard these activities are is simple: They love doing them.

When we love doing something nothing can stop us from doing it and we easily make it day after day. I really have fun writing this blog the same way, no matter how valuable you find it, you won’t read it unless you enjoy it. I try to do my best by the key is in you.

It’s easy to do something you like, but can we learn to enjoy something we need to do?

We can if we try, the answer, tomorrow on this same blog.

Keep Thinking!

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    1. Hi Ida, so good to get your feedback again!

      In Spain we say that “if you choose the mange for your own pleasure, it doestn’t itch” meaning that even the hardest challenge can be a funny thing if you decide to experience it.


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