Are you a daredevil?

Fear - Graffiti

Fear – Graffiti (Photo credit: Jimee, Jackie, Tom & Asha)

Some people seem to risk their lives at all times, adrenaline addicts who dare doing everything. Learning, and basically speaking a language you’re learning is the most difficult task the student faces, and many fail, do you want to know why?

We tend to be scared when we’re out of our context. Some fear spiders, others darkness… but there’s a connection between them all, we all fear the unknown. Pain is feared because we really don’t know the consecuences of it. Getting a tattoed done is painful, and many of us didn’t care to get one, why? because we did know the consecuences then.

Afraid to speak

If can only say two sentences in a foreign language, we’d probably be too scared to use them as we won’t feel confident enough to start a conversation.

Is that what a baby would do? if you don’t know differences between babies and you learning click here.

Language only exists to be spoken, you cannot learn by mere listening. Guess what would happen if you spend three hours a day listening to the chinese radio (if you don’t speak chinese, of course). The answer is quite simple, nothing would happen. We need to speak as speaking is necessary for communication, which consists of interacting.


The word interaction is compound by two other terms. Inter, which means inside you, and action, which means move your ass! So unless you use it from the very first moment you are delaying your language learning acquisition.

I’ll say it again with different words, unless you speak; you will not learn.

I sometimes ask my students why they don’t speak in class, and they tell me because they don’t know how to do it. That is the same as if you said: I don’t eat because I’m hungry.

Do you want to stop being hungry? Do you want to learn a language? Inter-action, or move your ass now! You might be afraid or reluctant, but if you really want to learn a language you better start speaking as soon as possible. If you really want to stop being hungry, eat.

Many people believe a light bulb will light above their heads all of a sudden and they will eventually start speaking any language they’re studying after years of grammar. That will never happen, you must be doing it slowly and step by step from the beginning to the very end, if that exists when we refer to languages.

Be a daredevil from the beginning, we’re only  talking about speaking and using a language, not jumping off cliffs!

Keep Thinking!


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  1. Language must be spoken, indeed. Sometimes, students are hesitant because they’re afraid of making any mistakes which is very OK in learning process and in every process of this life.


    1. Thank you for your comment Ida.

      As you say, learning is a process in life, as life basically consists of learning and improving. We, humans, can only improve by making mistakes, so denying them is trying to live a life without meaning.

      When learning a language mistakes are the key of improving, as unless you discover your own mistakes you won’t be able to learn anything new! I wish my students hear you Ida 🙂


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