Feeling lonely


Nerd (Photo credit: bayat)

There’s something about learning that makes us feel lonely sometimes. I think it’s part of the magic of learning, but some people feel it a bit discouraging. During Easter holidays my school is still open, and I have the opportunity to have more relaxed lessons and chat with my students, and there was a comment that made me think a lot: “I don’t want to study because I don’t want to be a nerd“.

You can believe is heartbreaking when a twelve-year-old tells you this, as what can you do in life at twelve rather than learning? TV models are showing the opposite all the time and children are really confused.

This is not a new issue, it’s been going on for years, and it looks like the path of knowledge is a solitary one, or so they are making us believe. I have always been a rebel and I declare war to this misperception of reality.

Don’t let the smart lie to you

I don’t know anyone in this life who’s gone a long way into success in any area at all who is stupid. We can sometimes find stupid people promoted in an office, but do we find these guys building up a business empire?

Some of the people who don’t study may seem to thrive, but don’t get confused, they important guys, the people who have the control prefer that you don’t study. No brain and a beautiful body so they can control you through cosmetic products and silly TV shows.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong about taking care of yourself, we all should, but it is very wrong not to build up some knowledge. We live in a world in which the desperate are constantly searching for pleasure, and we’ve been told pleasure is giving them money and paying for their services.

What about…?

When we learn, we accept a universal truth, that we don’t know. Some think they’ve learnt it all, however, only the constant development is worth for a living. If one could really know it all, it would just a be a matter of time to forget or to miss new things coming out.

Learn a language and talk to people from other countries, you’d be surprised. Read books before watching TV and think by yourself without being told. This is what politicians fear the most.

If you don’t want to be a real nerd, please build up knowledge inside  your head and…

what about controlling your own life?

what about getting a job that meets your expectations?

what about being a human in constant development in order to feel proud?

I sometimes feel angry when I notice what this society is doing to young people, we’ll regret one day until we stop this nonsense.

Please, let’s keep thinking!

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