Inside our heads

A rotating animation of the human brain showin...

A rotating animation of the human brain showing the left frontal lobe in red within a semitransparent skull. The anterior cingulate cortex (ACC) is sometimes also included in the frontal lobe. Other authors include the ACC as a part of limbic lobe. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m very happy to find that we are currently more and more involved in finding out what’s happening inside our skulls. Human brain has been a total stranger to us for millenia, so much that we even thought feelings were in our hearts, which are a bit there too as emotions sometimes drive us, but there’s much more.

No matter where you are, who you are with or what you’re doing, your brain is always at work. It will only stop when we die, and even though, it may continue a bit longer. Scientists have measured some type of brain activity minutes after the heart stopped, as if it wanted to survive.

Despite our thoughts, brain is designed to survive and make us survive. So it takes a lot of activities and responsibilities in doing the task, and it’s quite good. In order to do so, it uses different parts, you live in one called consciousness, and you tend to think it’s the only one, but there are other layers below that, keep reading and find out how we can use them to our advantage.

Mammal Brain

Below our highly sophisticated brain, or what’s the same, below the neocortex, there exist another layer which we share with all our mammal relatives in nature. The limbic system, and this is the werewolf inside us, the beast!

Teen Wolf

Teen Wolf (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The limbic system works extremely well with repetition, it works so well that you just have to teach it how to do something and it will repeat it without any conscious effort from you.

The limbic system can be used at language learning acquisition if we practised some  Grammar Repetition Gymnastics. Take one grammar structure you find especially difficult and copy it down, then repeat it a couple of million times changing subjects, objects, words and terms but using the same difficult structure.

The dog inside you will learn how to perform the task and he’ll do it for you from now on! But there was no joke when I said a couple of million times! You must be patient as dogs are not very smart, and give it some constant work on daily basis rather than intensive work once.

Lizard Brain

We have another reptilian brain, which we’d call the lizard now, and this one is pure instict.


Godzilla (Photo credit: SebastianDooris)

Reptiles are quite timmid creatures, if they fell in danger, they just run and hide. We cannot really control our lizard brain, as it manifests when we are dreaming or under the effect of certain substances. However; we can try it not to hide.

Therefore our attitude is everything. Never feel discouraged, bored or negative when you are studying, as this will only make you feel worse and is the opposite of learning. Remember our cognitive channel closes when we are worried, so as long as you don’t  mess up with your reptile, nothing can happen until it manifests and you dream in the language you’re studying!

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