An ideal world


Birds (Photo credit: Kenny Teo (zoompict))

If I am constantly telling you to imagine, it is because imagination has been a very important process for me, so I invite you all my readers to join me in the  process of inventing an ideal world…

Birds woke me up with their beautiful twits and the beating of their wings. Sunlinght had just shown above the land and the intense green of the plane proved to separate it from the dense forest, which started right on the mountain slopes.
The waves were intense, moving the deep blue sea towards my beach. A fresh breeze blew and I felt thankful for such a wonderful world. I laid down feeling the sand in contact with my nakedness and I started reading a incredible book.
I stopped reading for a while, right when the action was going to start, just to eat a bit of fruit and drink some fresh milk. I returned to my sandy beach and to my book inmediately, and my thoughts flew away in between the paragraphs of the novel. I touched the snow, I rubbed Buck’s head and travelled by sledge pulled by those wonderful dogs.
My skin got clean of the sand once I entered the water. With waves massaging my entire body I swam, I dived, I laughed and I cried… for it was such a deep happiness that I felt like crying or pure joy. But I just forgot once cannot cry when one’s in the water, so nevermind about tiny tears in the middle of the vast ocean.

I think you’d also love to be in my description, wouldn’t you? would you change anything? would you include anyone? Close your eyes and do it, just do it in a second language, in that language you’re learning and enjoy while your Dormant Giant is doing all the dirty job for you.

My thought was inspired by the great beach of Koh Tao.

Memories of Koh Tao


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