The English people and languages

English: The beach in Marbella in the Costa De...

English: The beach in Marbella in the Costa Del Sol, Spain. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I live on the Costa del Sol, which is one of the best destinations for tourists in the world. It is so good being here that many have become permanent residents and have moved here. All nationalities come to sunny Spain to live, and they live happily among the Spaniards, and we are happy to have them here… but there’s a issue about the language.

It is amazing when speaking to an English person here who can barely say “hola” and “una caña por favor” (half pint please) I get to know they’ve spent some twenty years in Spain, and they haven’t learnt a word!


English language is the most widely spread in the planet, as it’s spoken everywhere. However; Spanish has a bigger number of native speakers. Both Spain and England have had overseas empires and have forced other nations to learn their own languages. Historically Spain and England have had plenty of battles, victories and defeats. You just have to read Don Blas de Lezo story or visit Trafalgar square in London.

And despite the fact the English and the Spaniards live happilty together on the Costa del Sol, there are several issues from the past that are still separating us. We still think our culture is better, and we feel so proud of it that it sometimes blind ourselves.

I learnt English when I was a child, and I must say that the british coummunity living on the Costa helped me a lot. I didn’t have that feeling at all and I was willing to learn as much as possible and as soon as I can. I get confused with a native English speaker everytime I speak English, and I could do it following several ideas I call, as you may imagine, Thinking Languages!

Better not to try

As many English guys on the Costa, I think it’s better you don’t try to learn a language unless you are willing to give and to take something, meaning that your culture will mix with the new one. It is actually better, but unless you experience it yourself you won’t know.

I find incredibly funny how children change everything up. Those same English people who came here but are not willing to learn a new language have kids, who go to school and learn Spanish at the same time they learn English. Their parents will need their skills when they need their cars serviced or when visiting the dentist. Children really suffer their parents incompetence and hate to be translating all the time.

Learn Spanish Ma!

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