I sometimes feel down

Happy Green frog

Happy Green frog (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

Some days we just feel like doing nothing and we only want to hide from reality, as we are having moods, we feel stressed or we just don’t care about the world anymore. We all feel like that from time to time, and I’d say it’s good and normal unless it’s dominating your life. We can deal with that so no problem.

Sofas make a great companion when we feel down, the telly on but we are not really paying attention to ir, a poker face, no smiles, some would eat a lot, others would smoke, we just feel down, a bit depressed, tired, totally fucked up.


Life’s stressful by definition. Cavemen had to be cautious as cave lions wanted to devour them. Romans were terribly scared of ending up in a circus fighting an African lion, and these days I fear the lions at the entrance of the Parliament in Madrid as the most horrible beasts ever, politicians, usually gather in there.

 ZOO Bratislava - African Lion (Panthera leo kr...

Life is full of lions trying to eat us, and our nervous system reacts to this circumstance and make us feel stressed in order to get us ready for a threat. So stress, when properly handled, is necessary and something healthy.

Unreal stress

As we have a mind that cannot differ reality from fiction, the subconscious part of our minds, which I call the Dormant Giant, cannot really understand whether the lion is real or imaginary. The picture of the lion above, a beautiful beast capable of killing anyone of us easily, is just a picture, not a real lion. We’ve learnt this, but by pure trial and error.

Cavemen would be scared to death if they saw this picture as they see a lion and would not stop to try whether it’s true or just a picture. The Dormant Giant will start escaping from the threat before that, just in case it was true!

Most of the things that slow us down are imaginary lions, but that doesn’t mean they’re really stressful. What can we do then?

Have a clear mind

Things are not as difficult or as easy as we sometimes tend to think. Reality os something much more balanced. Try to see the problem as if you were out of your own reality. We’re all much better giving advice than taking them, because we feel more stressed when the issue happens to us.

Enjoy life

It’s always better that you return to the real pleasures of life when feeling down. What about going for a walk along the beach? countryside? bicycles? playing guitar? I don’t know what you really fancy, but you are in need of it.

Be careful as when we’re feeling low in energy, we do not want to do those things, but if you choose what you like best and force yourself a bit, you won’t regret.

I always take my motorcycle and ride through the Alcornocales National Park in southern Spain. After that a smile gets tattooed on my face for hours.

Postpone a couple of things

I am always talking about how effective is to work constantly, but we sometimes just need to get away, and it’s alright to do it as long as you are returning with higher energy levels and willing to get things done. There’s no point in torturing yourself with a task.

Simple things

A cup of tea, admiring the sunset or just dedicate time to close your eyes and linger inside your mind for a while. These simple things we sometimes ignore as we have them for granted are actually great remedies against moods.

We all need some soft music, candle lights and breathe deeply for a while. I sometimes get lost in the mountains at night, totally alone. If I spend a couple of hours walking in the forest at night I really feel liberated, as it is like I am facing those inner fears we have written in our DNA and I am actually facing my Dormant Giant directly and learning there’s no fear. Try to expand your comfort zone.

Let the time pass by

As time passes, we tend to see things differently, so don’t hit like a buffalo at the first sign. We can step back a bit and think of the issue and we’ll probably find out it’s not as bad as we first thought.

When it comes to fighting, we must be warriors, but only when needed. There’s nothing more stupid than a silly fighter, it’s like a barking chihuahua.

Don’t be radical

Things are not tremendously good or tremendously bad. There’s a balance in life and so are your problems. It is very remarkable when you see two people feeling low talking about their own problems. One would dismiss the problems of the other and think his are worse. They’re both wrong. Problems are just things to solve, you are the one who measures them on a scale.

Make love

Love is the opposite of feeling down, spend some time with your beloved one, play with your children, walk your dog, have sex and love living your life.

If you can’t…

And if after all the above you haven’t changed your mood and you feel you spend more time feeling down than being just ok, then you should look for professional help. One way or another we’ll overcome our problems.



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