Do you want to learn of do you want a certificate?


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The number of people who are failing exams or just heading to disaster every time they set for a challenge is amazing. The reasons can be very different, but in many occasions I can feel there’s basically the same one. We don’t want to learn, we only want recognition.

Do you want to learn a language?

If I ask people randomly on the street the question above, I would mostly receive a positive answer. As a language teacher this was really nice at first, until I got to know what ir really meant.

People would love to speak a foreign language, to get a higher salary or a raise or to move to a different, bigger, better house… but are they willing to take whatever it takes to do it?

Genie Vs Work

If I asked the same people if they want to study, if you want to go to classes, to spend money, time and effort in learning a language… would I get the same positive answer? Possibly in a smaller percentage.

Challenges do not consist of finding a genie and ask your desires, they consist on making efforts, and the bigger the effort, the bigger the treasure you’ll get.

Diplomas, diplomas, diplomas

Most people decide to get a diploma for reasons other than learning or becoming a better being. They want money, they want a better job and they need a piece of paper to do it.

Learning languages just for this is nearly impossible, as you will not dedicate your whole spirit to the task. Mind I said nearly, as there might be some who can actually achieve this for those reasons. But for the majority of us, unless we’re really interested in the task, there’s not much we can do!

Do you want to learn a new language? Do you want to get a certificate? Do you want to improve any aspect of your life? Then ask yourself why, and unless you learn to love what you’ll be fighting for, there’s not much you can accomplish!

Keep Thinking!

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