How to lift up some weight

English: weight lifting

Yes, we are exactly speaking about that, how to lift up weight, which is a metaphor of how to face our daily obligations the best way. This post is totally related to the previous article which you should also read to understand the idea fully.

When we have too many obligations, we struggle. If we have like ten different tasks we also struggle, and if we struggle we don’t do anything at all. Then we excuse ourselves and we probably give up. Do you want to change this procedure?

Up the hill

Once you’ve taken an opportunity train, you can imagine how wonderful your destination will be by thinking of the good features of it. Inside the train, obligations slow us down. Let’s divide the obligations according to weight.

Imagine there is a hill, and that you have to lift up the hill three objects. These objects are a flower pack, a pig and a table. You have to carry them on your back one by one, as it would be impossible to take two of them at the same time.

The most delicious task

The most delicious task

pot-bellied pig

The arrgh! task

GEORGE NAKASHIMA Conoid dining table

Just a task to be done…

We all love flowers, so many of us would take the flower pack and take it up in order to explore the path up the hill. But once at the top, you’d probably be tired and still in need to bring the table and the pig up.

So you decide to go for the table, as it is less heavy and less filthy. So you hold it and start walking, and you end up exhausted, but you manage to lift it up more or less. I say more or less as even though you do it, you need to stop and struggle. But you’re proud of your achievement.

But the nice feeling ends when you look at the pig. Heavy and smelly it is not a pleasant thing to do. Some would give up even before start, postponing it to tomorrow, and that is the kind of tomorrow that never comes. Others will try just to abandon the job in the middle.

The right order

If you take the pig firstly, you get dirty and tired, but coming down for the table will make things a bit easier when you are a bit more tired, and you’ll make it. You will be exhausted but still capable to get some beautifull flower scent while carrying the flower pack, and you will be very proud of yourself!

Always start doing the piggy task. The most horrible and difficult subject is the one you should always start with! That’s what I tell my students when they have to deal with five different exams. If you have to clean the toilet and watch your favourite TV show, unless you clean the toilet first, you won’t end up with a clean toilet!

The table task is just a task, it’s better to be doing anything else as it takes an effort, but it’s not such a dirty one as carrying a pig. It is alright for a second worst.

And finally get the deserved prize by getting what you enjoy the most at the end. This simple procedure will help you achieve much more and will make you capable of letting yourself go on for hours of work. You’d be impressed how well it works!

So once on the train, do things in a winning order, so you don’t tire yourself up too much.

Keep Thinking!

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