Obligations! How to handle them effectively

Steam train

Steam train (Photo credit: eckenheimer)

Isn’t it difficult to keep up with all your duties? Wouldn’t you like to run away sometimes and get a well deserved rest? Isn’t life too short to spend it working like an ant? Most of us struggle, but there are several things we can do so we can get better results and a better life.

Teenagers are mostly tired. They do not lift their feet from the ground when they walk, and they produce a funny noise which I compare with what you’d hear when a ball is punctured when I tell them to do any task. Adults are basically the same, but we pretend we are always interested an in good shape as we don’t want to get confused with teens.

Reality is we are all scared of responsibilities and duties… unless we like them! We want to get the results, but we are not always willing to make the effort. We probably end up pining about our lives.

Trains passing by

“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.”
Thomas Edison

Blogging helps me connect with other bloggers and get very interesting staff, so as I promised, I’m using this quote that was commented on this post, and I definitely recommend you to have a look at the author’s blog, Artfully Aspiring. The thing is the quote perfectly describes how many people feel about doing things in general.

I see opportunities like trains. Imagine you are at a train station, and you’ve got a ticket to any train you want, any time. You see people getting on and off constantly, and you meet up with other guys there too. You can chat, you can feel lonely, tired… but you won’t change anything at all unless you catch a train.

There’s one coming, it’s blue and leads to the ocean. You think it could be a tiring one, you may have to swim or row… you could get attacked by a shark… so you just let it go. Some time afterwards you talk to someone who told you he’d been to the ocean, and he tells you how much he enjoyed mojitos, girls wearing bikinis and beach-volley. Wow, you lost that chance.

You might be expecting to get on the train to a second language, and the  opinion is totally the opposite. I will get a great job when I learn a second language, I will travel freely around the world and be immensely happy. So you jump on it!

Once on the train

We happily enter the realm of happiness, and reality shocks us… homework! classes! exams!!!!!!!!

Come on, it’s not so good nor so bad, things are just what they are. You can get very good results if you learn a language, but it is not going to be something that will radically change your life -in some cases it might be, but don’t count on that too much- and it’s not going to be a torture either.

We normally get used to working by pure habit, so that’s the best thing you should build. You know it is more or less 21 days to build a habit! So you must deal with your obligations to get results.

Later on this week, we’ll see some effective help, but so far try to smile at your obligations. There are no results without effort, and if you constantly complain your obligations will become unbearable. However; if you keep a happy mood at all times they will become just what they really are, tasks to be done.

If you never get on any train, you are not very brave and you’ll end up stuck forever in this station this song talks about.

Be patient and never give up, but try to get on many trains as life is experimenting.

Keep Thinking!

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