I missed the Rolling Stones once again!


Stones (Photo credit: rkramer62)

Their Satanic Majesties will be back in Spain soon, and I’ve already missed the concert tickets once again. It is no coincidence that the Stones appear on this blog, as music and languages are strongly related.

The Rolling Stones are not among my favourite bands, which doesn’t mean I don’t want to see them live, of course. They’re one of the few legendary bands still rolling!

Sex Appeal

If theory is true and we once were singing monkeys, we probably sang for mating, as other monkeys do these days. Howling monkeys in the rain forests are a very good example.

The attributes a female individual seek in a male are those which will help the next generation be strong and survive, as animals’ aim is to survive. These are simple facts first expressed by Charles Darwin.

I have not a clue whether Mick Jagger would be a sexy man if he didn’t sing and weren’t so famous, but the truth is he sings, he is one of the biggest stars of all times, and women love him.

The Rolling Stones

Cover of The Rolling Stones


Teenagers pay a lot of attention to physical appearance and modern society is constantly showing examples of sculptural bodies here and there. However; words are the true language of love.

We need to communicate somehow in order to get closer to other individuals, and a proper communication is the key. This will activate the animal inside us as well as our more civilised and romantic selves.

This tip may not work for everyone as for those of us who are in a relationship cannot flirt around, flirting is one of the best ways to learn a language. If you are single and learning a second language, get in touch with native speakers and try dating them. It’s in our DNA.


For the happily married ones, remember we can imagine situations in a second language? As we can work a second language perfectly well using our creativity, we can imagina a romance that didn’t happen in the end, we can imagine how our life would have been had we married our high-school love or anything you want to invent.

Keep loving!

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