Attitude! 5 ways to fail

Attitude (EP)

Attitude (EP) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Attitude is really important in many different circumstances. Babies can understand other people’s inner feelings at a very young age by reading their facial expressions, and they’d interpret a friendly attitude. But attitude also implies our own feelings and achievements, and unless we have the right attitude, we won’t succeed!

I mock at my students a lot during my lessons, because that makes them feel a bit more relaxed, and I normally mock at their attitudes, which I find so funny. But what I am really doing is pointing out their weaknesses in order to make them become better students.

Let’s see 5 attitudes that will lead you to failure no matter how well you do.

Sleepy attitude

Students can barely keep their eyes open sometimes. When we’re talking about teenagers, being sleepy is a normal attitude. If you ask them, they’d come out with the usual excuse: “I’m tired” but what did we say about excuses?

Yes, we’re all tired sometimes, but when you are always tired it means you’re not really tired… you are bored! And you know your cognitive channel will close when you are bored or sleepy, so you are not learning, you are not actually doing anything at all!

I learnt this from pure experience by listening to my girlfriend (sorry honey, I’m just saying…).

Arrogant attitude

I love arrogant students, those ones who think they know everything, but if they knew, would they still pay me for lessons?

This is also the “I will not kill you” attitude for some students. So funny, teachers are invincible! πŸ™‚

There is something that you should get crystal clear, you cannot tell your teacher what to do or how to do it. If you really think you should, change your teacher straight away.

A learner must be humble enough to follow a teacher blindly into whatever experiment. What you should asses are results in the end, and if you are learning, that teacher is just opening a door you didn’t even know it existed.

I am, on the other hand, quite an arrogant person, I guess ten years of teaching leading people let me like this! But you and I should try to be a bit more humble, we know that.

My dog ate my homework attitude

Well, what I can say… do I really need to explain much about it? If you want to do something, whatsoever, and you understand you really need to put some effort into it, be clear to yourself and do something.

I find the most difficult to get students involved into anything outside the class. I’ve tried with comments on FaceBook, homework, TV series and a thousand of more things… just to find out the majority, the vast majority done’t even watch a 20 minute episode at home if the teacher tells them.

Does your boss pay your sallary if “your dog always eat your work”? Come on guys, if you want to get some pizza in your stomach you gotta chew!

Uninsteresting attitude

This is especially seen in teenagers, but I surprisingly find it in adult students too. It is a mix between the arrogant and the dog ate my homework attitudes. “I don’t care…” “It’s not important…” “I don’t care…” “Mmmmm… I ran out of excuses”

These are the ones whose parents are always keeping an aye on them so they don’t skip classes, and they expect me to let them waste their time in my class.


If you have todo something, try to get the most out of it, try to enjoy life and get the best results you can, even if that you have been forced to do is not what you’d be doing.

Do you really think your teacher would not prefer to be having a mojito in the Caribbean sea?

Get me out of here attitude

Some people shiver just by looking at their own reflection at the mirror! Their faces become pale white in the class, they look around trying to get some shelter from the teacher and they look down as if reading, proving that baby thing that if I can’t see you… you probably can’t see me…

Ups, sorry guys, I do see you doing that in the class, and you make me laugh, and you nearly oblige me to ask you, and not anyone else. The more scared you are, the less you learn. I know people are scared of failure, but have you ever heard of a teacher decapitating a student in a class?

Teachers are not the horrible beasts seen in fairy tales, maybe stepmums are, but not teachers πŸ™‚ Our biggest aim is to help you, and we get very frustrated. It might sound contradictory, but teachers cannot teach. It is the student who learns, we can only guide you. And if you are afraid you are following your teacher to the new knowledge the same way the arrogant students aren’t either.

What’s the worst that can happen? That you do it wrong? Why the heck are you in a class then? If you didn’t make mistakes it would only mean two things:

Firstly, you are not human. An angel, a god or I don’t know what, but not human.

Secondly, you wouldn’t be a student, you would be a teacher! (Yes, apart from angels, gods and other deities, teachers never make mistakes :))




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