The law of attraction


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I had some inspiration about the law of attraction from the law of attraction blog. Thinking Languages is a methodology that may look very similar to it, and that happened my mere chance!

I like the law of attraction because it is very inspiring. I remember when a friend came to me telling me that we had to watch that documentary. We got ready at my living room, pop corn, home cinema sound and we were entertained for a while.

The philosophy behind the law of attraction is quite simple, but effective. Believe in order to make it happen.


I am not much into new age knowledge, and definitely not much into esoteric staff as I am a quite pragmatic person. However; I tend to feed up my spirit by enjoying life and by meditating regularly.

I am a very sceptical and scientific person, but I am terribly eclectic, and if something works, I’ll get it.

“Battles are won by those with the courage to believe” Joey DeMaio

If you don’t believe you are going to make it, you are not going to make it then. It is necessary for you to believe you will make it in the end and that you will never stop until you do it.


But don’t get me wrong. Despite the immense power of believing, nothing is more powerfult than action. That means that we can only succeed if we get our hands dirty.

So Keep Thinking! but do something as well!

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