How to resist throughout time

1133322692-4712It’s much more difficult to do something for five minutes on daily basis for one year than doing the same thing for two hours non stop. Why? Five minutes a day is nothing really, but why do we forget? We’ll all be much better at everything if we didn’t. Living in a fast-moving world in which everything needs to be fast and with an instant reward doesn’ t help at all. Learning a language is totally the opposite, so there’s no denying it is a difficult task in order to go on and on and on…

But we can also solve this!

There’s nothing more difficult than fighting against yourself, improving yourself and not having anyone else to blame than yourself. I know what it means and how difficult it is. When we read about the 3 basic rules of learning a language, or doing anything in life basically, the last one, never give up, always proves the most difficult to achieve.

But I promise if you never ever give up, no matter how, no matter where, no matter when, only death can take out the victory you deserve. As we must be optimistic and live our lives despite the fact that we are doomed to death, let’s forget about it. If you never give up, you will make it!


“Forget you’re blood & bone
Stand like you’re made of stone”
Lemmy Kilmister

If you never give up, as Donald Trump says, there’s no chance to lose. Most of the losers you find are not real losers, they just abandoned, which is another concept that Henry Ford claimed. So not giving up is actually having a very good chance to win, but can we do it?

So language learners should never ever quit studying or learning at all cost. I know it can be difficult, no one said it was going to be easy, but it pays off in the end once you get what you wanted. In addition, if you quit you would have wasted the time and effort already spent.

So the very first thing you have to ask yourself before you even start learning a language or when challenging yourself no matter in what is if you really want to give what it takes not knowing how long it’s going to take.

Making things easier

I don’t want to scare you to death, I actually want you to try it, I’ll give you my help. Here are some useful tricks.


If you want to prove yourself that you can, that you are a total winner, that you deserve it… just go for it! Commitment is something that cuts both ways, it makes us feel tired, even exhausted sometimes. However; it also makes us feel extremely proud of ourselves.

Your self-esteem will increase if you prove yourself able to reach your goals. If other people can, why not you? We are not better nor worse than anyone else. Most of the times we get a wrong view or ourselves.

Our grandmothers saw us as the most beautiful creatures of creation, and that’s exaggerating a bit, and our enemies would see us as the most loathsome individuals. Who is right? None! We are just average, and it’s only our acts that define us.

Do you want to improve? Do something. People are not born knowing, they’re born with the ability of learning.


The best way to do something nonstop is to make it a routine. We have plenty of routines we do on daily basis and they don’t seem to bother us at all. The best way to build up a routine is to keep doing it everyday for a while until it becomes automatic. We normally need 21 days doing something to get the routine.

So you can mark the next 21 days on your calendar as days in which you should study, or chat using a different language, or have a look at classwork or whatever… it’s just three weeks!

You need to know that some people take longer time for this. You also need to know the 21 days should be non stop. And you finally need to know that after 21 days without doing it, you would have built right the opposite routine!

Get some help

Tell your beloved ones your challenges, so they can ask you about them and your progress, and they can kick your ass when you are procrastinating!

Imagine you tell your best friend that you promise to pay him or her a drink at a pub any time you don’t study, or you tell your mother to literally not to feed you if you don’t do it, mothers can be very good at this!

It’s up to you to choose who you would trust for this job, but remember, it’s your commitment and your responsibility. Don’t blame anyone but you if you don’t do it.

No excuses

Excuses are responsible for many of our failures in life. I couldn’t make because… It wasn’t my fault it was… My dog ate my homework and other crap you use to excuse yourself.

If you try the 21 day method, try not to excuse or complain at all during that time. So you’ll build up the routine of not complaining and therefore you’d focus on your goal, not on your limitations.

Don’t bite more than you can chew

I hate excuses, but some things are not excuses, they are real reasons explaining why we can’t do something. If you would like to go to italian classes in the city centre, and classes start at 5 o’clock, and that’s the time you finish work and you are 20 miles away, you cannot be there on time, so you cannot go to those classes.

When you find something you cannot do, in a real way, you must find an alternative or a solution whatsoever in order to get the best out of it anyway.

Input & feedback

We all need input to learn a language. A very obvious one is to read articles about the topic regularly, talk to people involve and make it something ordinary in your life.

The most normal it becomes, the better results you’ll get.

I hope this helps and we are eager of hearing your experience.

Keep Thinking!

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  1. This is a very inspiring and helpful post. You bring up very valid points, and I especially agree with the importance of making it a routine and not creating excuses. The truth is, if you truly want something, you’ll find a way to make it happen. Your article reminded me of a quote I read from Thomas Edison: “Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” Great work!


    1. Many thanks for your comment and for reading the blog. I didn’t know that quote but it is great! I will definately use it in a post soon! 🙂 and I will tell my students too!


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