SuperBaby has 5 senses

A smiling baby lying in a soft cot (furniture).

A smiling baby lying in a soft cot (furniture). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

SuperBaby made it out of the Hospital, not knowing absolutely anything. None of us like to be left alone, so imagine how a poor little creature can feel when completely isolated from everything. She has to learn how her body is used and what she has. Listening becomes bearable once she gets used to the new levels, and sight gets clearer…

When she moves, she can see some things passing by. She cannot distinguish anything else than a blur, her eyes need to adjust to new circumstances. She cannot distinguish anything she hears, but she gets to know that the blurred creatures around her might be able to get a response when she cries. Crying is an amazing power as they give her things. But there’s always a problem, when she cries, she might receive something different from what she really wanted.


Sounds are becoming a bit better now, but there’s still too much noise around her, noise that scares her and makes her cry. However, the high pitch sounds some people make, especially mum, are a lovely thing. She can fully understand the intention of the speaker, even though she might not get the message. She starts babbling for the very first time, and she likes it.


It seems she gets to know more and more about her body. She can fairly see her hands and fingers, but she has a feeling that they are there, and that they are important. She still grabs everything that comes near her palms, and that’s funny.


Her mouth is amazing. She uses it for multiple purposes. She drinks the delicious milk using her mouth, and it’s funny using it! She also explores the world, as her mouth is her most developed sense. That’s why she licks and sucks everything she holds. That is something that will remain for the following years.

But she can also cry and babble with her mouth, and that’s amazing! She listens better and better, and she responds! The stupid loud sounds grown-ups make can be responded, and it’s funny to do so!

She can also hear herself for the very first time, as in her aquatic world she couldn’t produce sounds. It is funny, everything is funny, and she laughs for the very first time!

Mum has a special power, she can make everything in the very best way to get her message accross to SuperBaby. The natural instint makes her speak in a high pitch that easily gets into SuperBaby brain through her ears. Her brain hasn’t fully developed hearing so these types of sounds are more easily understood.

Sound Spectrum

A human throat is capable of emiting a huge range of sounds. However, we only learn those sounds that appear in our mother tongues. That’s why is so difficult to pronounce a foreign language. But babies start practising the entire spectrum, and that’s what SuperBaby starts doing now, babbling to practice, listening to repeat!

We’ll have some more SuperBaby adventures soon. Keep Thinking!

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