Musica Maestro!

Monkey yawning

Monkey yawning (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We are singing monkeys, believe it or not. Music is the essence of a language, and music is what really awakens our deepest feelings. Scientist believe we once were like the alouatta monkeys, known for being the noisiest animal on Earth. We do not know for sure how we started but the links between languages and music are so obvious we cannot think of a mere coincidence.


There are evidences all around the globe about ancient musical instruments. Beating the drums could have probably be the first music expression, as rhythm is probably the easiest way, but don’t forget about our natural musical talents, what we can do with our throats.

There’s no denying that musical people have a greater advantage at the time of learning a foreign language. After the Smoukahontas videos, there shouldn’t be a real surprise when we see her playing instruments or singins in her YouTube channel. I’m afraid she may become the muse of this blog, but I’m not sure what SuperBaby would think of it!

Singing for Studying!

There has only been two things I’ve told I would never be able to do in my whole life. One was one of granpa’s typical jokes. He told at a very early age I would never be able to speak English, that I’d drowned trying. That got me into such an angry state of mind I decided to study English above everything else. Last week, an English friend told me I sounded Spanish when I was speaking Spanish, so it seems this little Spanish grandson of my granpa has done quite well if I can even confuse native speakers, right?

Not in vain, I have earned my living for ten years now teaching English as a second language, as well as I teach Spanish, of course.

The second thing I was told I would not be able to achieve was playing a musical instrument. I wish I was as good as speaking English, but I am very proud of my musical skills. See and judge by yourself.

I promised myself I would not show this video unless in presence of my lawyer, but yep, that’s me, the grunting singer playing bass. The best of this is something only musicians can understand, and it’s how much fun it involves! who cares what the others say or think, go for your own dreams.

If you want to learn a differente language, you have to sing it! You don’t have to get on stage and sing in front of an audience, but the home shower is always willing to listen to you.

Fun is everything

We can only learn when we’re happy. Our cognitive channels close when we are facing a danger. I always explain this in a very simple way, you can always learn a phone number easily, but can you do it if a tiger is roaring at your face? Of course not, the Dormant Giant will not allow you as you have more important business to do.

So, when learning a language, which essentially means you want to become a member of a group of humans, a protective pack, you cannot really learn unless you are feeling well, and happy, and smiley… all the feeling we experience when we are starting to become members of a new pack!

So everytime you go to classes, or sing a song on a foreign language, or just do the homework, smile! Smiling is free! You should never feel scared of anything, just take it easy and go for it with the best of moods! If you ar not feeling happy, you are not learning. This is the Affective Fylter Hypothesis that I studied at university, which you do not have to learn, but I can tell you it has some good parts to apply when simplyfied to the maximum, which is just:


Keep Thinking!


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