SuperBaby – The Born of a SuperHero

1132869262-43152Superheroes are not very different from us, apart from having super powers, they also face the same problems we all have. Marriage, shopping and getting the remote control at home at issues we cannot easily make without experiencing bad moments. But we can get some learning out of them, that’s for sure. Continue reading and get to know how SuperBaby learnt to speak, as you can also use her superpowers!

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You must understand that SuperBaby real identity cannot be disclosed, nor her nationality or address. It’s a superhero tradition I am not to break, so I kindly request you do not insist on these issues.

Her life started as any other, as you and me. She lived in an aquatic environment in which she floated timeless. She recognised a sweet voice which vibrated softly across the water, it was her mum speaking. She also heard other soft voices, especially one which belonged to dad and came in a deeper and more relaxing tone, but sometimes more powerfully expressed.

She used to suck her thumb and kick the membrane covering her just for fun, and her life was easy and very comfortable. But one day, the water started disappearing.

Through the light

Being forced to pass through a tiny door, she appeared into a cold bright world. The sounds were not soft anymore, her body soared so painfully she found hard to make any move, it was so cold she was shaking in agony and her eyes could not open as the intense light was too painful.

Gravity was another concern, she was attracted to falling into a void with huge power. Noise everywhere and giants moving her around, holding her, passing her from a pair of hands to other constantly, separating her from her world and obviously.

With her mouth wide open she inhaled, and surpisingly, air came in. Air, and not water! She felt the air for the very first time, weird dry fluid that inflated her, and that constantly needed to get out, she couldn’t help but crying! Which happened naturally by exhailing all that air abruptly.

And she shouted and shouted in tears, yelling like a maniac, and she was taken to a pair of arms that held her differently. She got her first kiss on her forehead and suddenly recognised her mum’s voice. It was much louder and different, but it was mummy again.

SuperBaby couldn’t use her body, it was too heavy and kicking was now more difficult, but she was born with two special powers. She could hold anything that touched her hands’ palms, and she sucked anything that came near her mouth.

She soon started sucking her mum’s nipple, and getting delicious milk to feed and comfort her. It was the very first time anything different from water entered her stomach, and it was weird, but nice. She was so tired, she totally deserved the rest of the hero, and fell into a deep sleep.

SuperBaby will soon have to face other adventures, so please do not miss her brand new stories. Remember you can get the latest news by e-mail, you just need to subscribe by introducing your e-mail address on the Follow us at the right side of this website.

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