Writerly Reflection

1137814689-10936Writing can be an inspiration, a necessity or an obligation. What I don’t understand is when writing becomes a problem for many, as it seems modern world means travelling on the fast lane with images, videos and wireless connection. But I cannot think anything more modern than writing!

DP Challenge

We live texting, and therefore reading, we write to insert our usernames and passwords and we probably spend more time reading and writing than ever before. But ask a student these days about Shakespeare or Dickens and their expression will change dramatically.

However; literature will always have a very important position in our society, as knowledge as we know it has always been transferred by means of pages in a book. Science should be more thankful to Guttenberg than to Einstein, as without the invention of the first, we wouldn’t know the discoveries of the second.

But for me, a humble writer and rider, flying is the key. Reading books makes me levitate and fly over my problems, my life and get closer to my expectations. What could I do without the yellow old pages of the forgotten lore, the poems of ancient poets who pined during their lives just to comfort ours nowadays.

I cannot see myself travelling and not having a book in my bag, I wouldn’t know what to do when sitting alone in a park in London or when lying on the beach of Koh Tao. A book is always in the saddle bag of my motorcycle and will always be part of my apartment’s decoration.

Life would be empty without them. Millenia ago, men sat around the fire to tell stories and transmit knowledge, and conversation was born. Later, when writing was created, conversation came to a higher level and knowledge really started to spread away into our minds. Words can travel through time as the written word stays, while our sounds have only a limited space and time. A very limited one, I would say.

And writers have become digital now, and look at me, in love with paper and reading e-books and writing blogs, as a sign of the times. But, will our words be remembered? Have we destroyed it all forever? Is it that new generations will not have the pleasure of getting in touch with the ancient wise philosophers?

My sincerest answer, brothers and sisters, is no. Changing into new technologies will not subtract, but add to this world. We all end up earning more than deserved, which is why we all write willing to give. Just like I said, writing is a necessity.

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