World wide web

World wide web (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


We use internet to keep in touch, and to get to know people around the world, that’s for sure, and so on I liked this Meet and Greet from Harsh Reality blog. For a new site with high hopes like this one is always a great thing to communicate with others, and everyone who wants to learn or is currently learning a language is welcome here!

 Trying to get in touch with artists, poets, photographers, writers or just crazy people around the globe is what will really give us the chance to practice any language. Like I always say, talking, listening and wasting time in the language you want to learn is more effective than studying!


That is why the aim for Thinking Languages! is not just teaching, but connecting people around the world wide web. We also pretend to build a network of little effective schools around the planet with hightly motivated teachers and students, and we need your help as readers -even if you are not in education- to make this project happen.


Let’s Keep Thinking!





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