Baby, baby, baby!

A newborn child crying.

A newborn child crying. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hundreds, maybe thousands of songs have the title of this entry. Baby is a word that describes the most beautiful things you can think of, ourselves when we are newborn. A baby boy or a baby girl get our attention and leave us willing to care that little creature, basically because we see them defenseless, weak and in desperate need of protection. Well, that is true, but babies are always working, they’re always studying and learning.

Life for a baby is hard, can you imagine how you’d feel if you didn’t know anything that’s happening around you? They are easily scared, they feel unsecure and they don’t understand. However; a human baby struggles to improve 24/7.

The outer world is confusing, but they have to get to know their bodies firstly. A baby doesn’t really know how many legs or fingers he has, a baby has to learn how to move, how to interact with the world, how to recognise faces, how to do everything. But remember a baby’s first aim is to belong to a human group for protection. Babies know their mothers will take care of them, but something inside them tells them they must socialize with more people.

An infant is always trying to learn something, and they do something extremely well, they keep on trying and trying until they succeed. You will never see a newborn discouraged of not knowing something, they will always take one more try, as babies never surrender.

The process of speaking

Babies don’t recognise that a language is a language. They communicate through crying and body language, which they perfectly read from a very early age. But their intuition tells them they should learn how to communicate as they grow-ups do. So they start the first step, imitating.

Babies start making strange sounds in a baby language that nobody can understand except them. If you pay attention, all those sounds imitate the musicality of human language, so babies are training their capacities and making their throats stronger. The same way they have to do with their legs in order to learn how to walk.

One day, the baby will recognise that the easiest way of pronouncing in human languages is always the same, joining the consonant “M” with the vowel “A”, so pay attention, as I am going to tell you your first word:


There’s no coincidence that the word mama can be recognised in all languages. Actually, the baby does not know the meaning, is the listener who gives a meaning to it, meaning which will be later transferred to the baby.

Babies wake up from their total isolation imitating everything, and really understanding nothing. It is funny how adults want to learn understanding everything at all times, translating and feeling very secure, but only babies can learn a language, and only reading this blog you will learn how to become a grown-up baby and how to learn a language properly. See the video below and learn what imitation really means by this seven and a half month old master of languages.

Getting the meaning

We can only get full meanings when we use the words and idioms. Babies do not translate to any language, and they’re not scared of learning at all. By mere intuition their minds will get the full meaning out of the words.

Grown-ups have different ways of learning as experience, which babies lack, is one of our best tools. However; we sometimes rely too much on our adult features and we forget to use our baby capacities instead. That is wrong, but will come up in future posts.

What infants do in order to get the meaning is to imitate once again. They paraphrase the sentences they listen and wait for adults reactions. In many occasions we can listen to a child expressing something we understand is far above his or her understanding, and they make us laugh a lot. They’re testing us in order to locate those already heard messages into a scale, they need to clasify them.

So if you want to learn something, be a baby and imitate, use it and repeat as many times as possible, and you’ll get it. Just one more tip, by copying a new word on your notebook it will not stay in your brain, they’re two different processes!

Thanks for Thinking!



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  1. I agree with the fact that being a baby helps you to improve, but, how an adult can achive that? How can we stop our complicated mind and thoughts? For babys it’s easy, they don’t have to push themselves, it’s something natural on them.


    1. You are totally right Eva, it is way much harder for adults to disconnect our consciuos mind and get into action without worrying too much about what we are doing. But we need to understand that it is actually doing nothing, come on, we’re all good at doing nothing! It basically consists of changing whatever you’ve been doing so far.

      It is a good topic anyway, and I promise to get deeper in it and write a post specifically for it.+

      Thank you for your comment.


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