Costa del Sol

I think we must feel proud of the place where we live, no matter how good or bad this one is. However; it is very easy for me to love where I was born as this is one of the best places in the planet.

I hope you enjoy how Costa del Sol and Malaga province is described by one pure malagueño.

Home of Picasso and Antonio Banderas, Malaga is one the jewels of Andalusia. Bathed by the calm waters of the Mediterranean, and a land blessed by the character of its people.

You can find all you can expect from an andalusian area here, but you will also get surprised by our multicultural coast. You can travel from the luxury streets of Marbella to a traditional tapas bar in just a few steps.

I love how everybody mixes, and everyone is welcome here. You can pay attention to people in a bar and discover how three tables have three different languages.

The beach is unbelievable, and for a scuba diving maniac like me you can bet I am where I should be. Having my school here is a blessing and I can go for a swim in the sea between classes as I am five minute ride away from the sand.

Going up the mountains is another great sensation. Just leave the coastline behind and head to Ronda to see what a monumental city is, and I am not just talking about its streets or buildings, but nature itself is a monument anywhere you look.

And if there is something to be proud of is Andalusian way of speaking. Which is not a dialect, nor a variation, is a masterpiece. Linguists agree that something close to andalusian these days will be the future of all Spanish spoken in Spain, as it is more evolved than the rest and far easier to use. But nevermind, as we can understand and be understood naturally. We are just a bit different, which makes us very special.

Wouldn’t you like to visit Sunny Spain?

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  1. I’m not from Costa del Sol, but I’ve been living in here for the last eight years and I have to admmit that you are right, it’s an amazing area plenty of possibilities and well comunicated.
    However, living next to the sea is always very pleasent and peaceful.


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