Excuse me?

1132842862-5138I was going to do some cleaning at home this morning, but it was impossible, believe it or not, a huge tornado came over my house and stopped me from cleaning. Incredibly, the strong wind stopped when I sat down on the sofa and switched the TV on. As I noticed it had gone, I stood up again with a severe determination… and then an earthquake. Mother nature didn’t want me to clean my house, and who am I to fight against nature?

Yeah, I know, it’s a very bad excuse…

The free online dictionary.com defines excuse (noun) as an explanation offered as a reason for being excused in its 8th meaning. An excuse is just a way to justify something that was wrong, and as I promised on the three rules post, I am to give an opinion about excuses.

Readers don’t have to agree with me, especially is those readers are also students of mine. Anyway, whether you agree or not, comments will be appreciated.

How excuses began

Everything has a beginning, even the universe, so excuses are not different. Babies never excuse themselves for anything at all. They command and demand all the time, and they also complain if they don’t get the expected results.

As we grow older, our responsibilities increase as well, and the moment when we are asked, mostly by our parents, about our actions, is when problems come. Until then we were not used to being told off by anyone, we only complained and demanded, and when the behavior comes against us we really suffer a real shock.

We mostly did crap, and we mostly told the truth just to learn that we were punished and had some problems. Lying was even worse as if your parents caught you telling lies you were in big trouble then. So we learnt something by mere repetition of our grown-ups examples. Adults, including our parents, are constantly giving excuses when they have a problem. Therefore we learnt that excuses are a great solution.

By the time we became teenagers, we were experts in giving excuses to the rest of the world. Excuses have saved our asses so many times we cannot live without them.

When excuses become horribly bad

And soon, this over indulgence with ourselves leads us to experiencing bad things due to our inaction. But there is something even more dangerous than not acting, postponing and being lazy… it’s just that we believe our own excuses!

Science has proved the placebo effect and its implications. Well, the placebo effect is something that cuts both ways, it can cure you, or kill you. If you constantly think you are ill, you will soon develop a real illness. This is basically because the majority of your brain cannot differ reality from fiction, as we’ve already read here. Your subconscious mind starts believing what you invented was real… so if studying german is difficult, it becomes difficult! if you always say you don’t have time, you won’t find any time!

This is not magic, your Dormant Giant will work at your service trying to keep you the same way you want to be. And, how do you want to be? as you would like to be in an ideal world or how you express everyday? The subconscious mind  does not differ real from invented, and the expected result is just a fairy tale as Snowhite and the Dwarves, you get what you say.

So, as words and thoughts are so important, you should start believing in yourself for once and acting in a positive way. You will find the time, the power, the knowledge and everything you need once you start moving.

Life is a challenge, not an excuse.

Remember YOU, and only YOU invent the excuses, the problem is that nobody around you believes them except YOU and only YOU.

Anyway, I am going to start cleaning my house right now!


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