Weekly Writing Challenge: GOLDEN YEARS

1133402680-1071After the wonderful feedback I received from my last writing challenge, I am to continue writing some more. DP challenge is a great source of inspiration, and I hope this helps my students too. I am always telling them to write and to invent, so here comes my part.

Golden Years

It was dark in the room, and the cars passing by filtered some light through the blinds, forming strange figures on my wall, mostly shades. I couldn’t sleep, and neither I could understand the reason why my parents sent me to bed that early. There was still daylight, but I always heard the same comments. “Children cannot stay up till late” or “You’re too young to listen to grown-ups conversations”.

All the funny things belong to them, children cannot do anything at all. They have fun using money, which we can only get by a mere chance. Granpa was always telling me childhood stories, but I think he’s much better now. He can go to bed late and he normally starts those conversations I cannot listen.

It is horrible to be a kid, mom asks me to throw the rubbish nearly everyday, and I cannot watch cartoons when daddy is at home unless I go to my bedroom. He is always saying how tired he is, but he doesn’t have any homework. I have to make three sums before Monday, and they are the difficult ones! Nobody understands me.

Granma told me I was living the golden years, and that I had to get the most out of them, but how could I if I’m only obeying someone else’s command. I wish I could drive a car, have a salary or own a house.

This is just like not eating too much chocolate or going to bed early, grown-ups want the very best for them, giving us kids only the bad things. Granpa told me yesterday he wished we was my age… I wish I were his.

They’re all going to  uncle John’s funeral tonight, which I really don’t know what it is, as nobody has told me, but as I know my uncle I am sure it must be something real funny I wish I could go.


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