Three simple rules to learn a language


By aplying these three rules everyone can learn any language. They are very simple, they are very clear and they are not difficult. However, eveyone who has already failed trying to speak a foreign language broke one, two or the three of them. Once you read them, you’ll find out they’re terribly easy, but it only depends on you. There are no magic shortcuts in learning.

There are rules for everything, and if you like breaking them, I must tell you that there is no problem, as long as you always get results. If you break them and you don’t get results, you are wasting your time. This is not an obligation, is actually a procedure in which you must get results from your actions. You can change them, you can invent what to do, you can change my advice… be creative.

And here are the 3 most important rules for learning a language:

1st – Believe

Some people come to my classes with a very poor expectation in their minds. Things like “I want to study to understand a little bit…” “I will never be as good as other people…” or “I only want to know a bit…” What did we say about not taking things seriously? the Dormant Giant will believe is not important and therefore, you will not learn.

The first thing YOU as a student must know is that you have to believe. Believe you will speak the language you want at the level you want. Believe that is just a matter of time for people to tell you “Hey I wish I could speak like you!”. Remember we cannot differ reality from fiction inside our brain, so by believing you send a very clear message to your subconscious mind.

This is the champion’s state of mind, believing they can. Do you really imagine Rafa Nadal not believing in himself before a tennis match? We don’t, but he’s human after all and feel insecure from time to time, he’s sometimes scared and sometims not in the mood… but does he do what he has to do? Yes. Unless you don’t want to succeed, you have to believe in you.

It is funny how others believe in ourselves more than what we do, and it’s not easy sometimes, but change up your mind and believe in you from now on! I you don’t, you can’t learn a language. It is this simple.

2nd – Commit to habit

Commitment and self perseverance is more powerful than you think. Once we’ve believed in ourselves, action is the key to success, and only by working on daily basis, studying on daily basis and having you goal in your mind all the time you can achieve speaking a second language.

Five minutes a day is better than three hours once a month. When you are studying you know that you have to memorise some staff, that you have to speak, that you have to write, that you have to do a lot of things… so come on and do them!

You need total commitment, and here comes a very important part. No excuses. Most of us are incredibly good giving excuses, no time, work, no work, children, global warming, economical crisis, being tired or postponing tasks. Please, don’t say the excuse, say the solution. No more “laters” and start saying the “nows”. I perfectly know is hard, that life is stressful and that we all need a break, that’s up to you. Reading this blog you will learn how to maximise your time, but you need no more excuses.

We will have another post about excuses this same week, so keep reading us.

3rd – Never Give Up

It’s not difficult to believe, it’s not difficult to build up a habit… but keeping it going on and on is what stops the most of people. For those who know me you perfectly know how much I like rock music. There has always been a comment by Lemmy Kilmister from Motörhead that I have always loved. Being one of the oldest band in music industry these days, it is no surprise that there were asked “How comes that you have been on for so many years and still continue?” and Lemmy asked the most obvious thing: “Because we haven’t given up”.

And that is my slogang, never give up! It could take you a few months or a few decades, and it doesn’t matter, never give up! don’t quit at all, never surrender, always one more strike, never give up!

And now, think of this: Do you think that a person who believes in him or herself, who commits to working and who will never ever give up can fail? Of course not. Follow these three simple rules, no excuses, and you will learn any language you want, I promise.


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