Repetition Practice

Mental work is like Body workI recently wrote about the power or repetition, and I am going to give you a few tips in order to get the most out of it. This practical activities will help you learn the second language you’ve chosen.

Do you know why motorcycle riders go to the gym? That is not directly related to their jobs, but they do it… just to build the muscle! Repetition is not directly related to learning, but you need it.

I am to tell you how to work your mental muscle so all the new things you see in the class don’t get forgotten, which is probably the worst thing that could ever happen as you are wasting time, money and effort. Work on you brain muscle!

Writing examples

Imagine you are learning a present tense in any language (I say any language but I will make the example in English). After classes, studying, doing the homework and all those things a good student does, you must say out loud sentences like this:

Verb Like:

I like swimming. You like eating pizza. Michael likes watching TV etc.

I don’t like going to the cinema. You don’t like playing football. She doesn’t like tennis etc.

It may seem a bit stupid, but by mere repetition you build the muscle, you build the mental structure on which the knowledge learnt in classes will lay on. It is like building a wall, one brick lays on the previous one and in the end you can build a solid structure.

Take all the verbs and vocabulary seen in the class and repeat them in examples like the ones above and you’ll learn them.If you don’t, you’ll be building a wall full of gaps, so the taller it gets, the more unstable it becomes. Pure logic my friends.

Just remember, the habit is stronger than the isolated long work. Meaning five minute a day is much better than one hour only once a week. And like I do and say about learning Spanish, you only need 21 days to build an habit. So if you commit to doing this for 21 days in a row, the 22nd day will come automatically and without effort, I promise.


Paraphrasing is basically repeating what you listen or read. It is an active action, but you don’t need to be creative as the model will be given. When you study a language, you normally follow a book or a course, well, apart from paraphrasing in the class room, you can also do it at home. Take your book, the materials you’ve got or maybe just a magazine.

It would be a great thing if you understood everything, we mustn’t forget that to understand fully messages in that language is your goal. However; don’t worry if you don’t understand them completely, just do it!

You don’t have to be as accurate on this as you are on the written examples, just do it, do it and do it so your Dormant Giant gets used to it!

Did you find this useful?


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