Weekly Writing Challenge: Threes

I found a very exciting idea to participate in the Weekly Writing Challenge by the Daily Post. I have a very good reason for doing it, as this resembles a lot to one of the activities I make in class. I show three pictures to students and they have to invent a story in second language. So the teacher is now doing it!

I have chosen Three Views Along the Shore by Sue Nash.


The beach is always boring in October. We can only remember the vibrant summer season when the sun gives some autumn warmth and the look of the sand under the clear sky shines like gold. However; there’s something magic about walking in solitude. Just a few people along the coast, alone with their dreams and thoughts. And so was I.

Clear images in my head of a short time ago, that felt like ages. I could see her face in my thoughts,  I could feel her skin, the smell of her hair and the painful farewell. “At last it was nothing but a Summer love” she quoted while breaking my heart into pieces. But the beach has always been here, and will always be, so my thoughts can always be accompanied by the sound of the waves and the wind blowing over the sand.

I had to find a solution, and I envied the seagulls, flying free across the oceans and living in harmony. I stared at them as if there was no tomorrow, as if there was only yesterday. No answer was found at all. Birds cannot tell one what one has to do or whatever decisions one must take. And that was still my pain, as I was once again, only one.

Birds flew freely and rejoined together again and again, and that really made up my mind. Isn’t it that we shall separate and gather in a never ending cycle? If that is, then I shall reunite with her once again, and I will no longer be a single one.

I continued walking while my mind was all over these matters, and I did it for so long, that I encountered the end of the wind, or I should say where all winds go. Sand had been put together in that very spot for years, and an immense dune appeared reaching up the sky. What a monument that was!

I didn’t doubt a single instant to climb up the dune, as if my achievement were to be compared to Mount Everest coronation, but I got stopped. The ascension was banned by a wooden sign, and I did not dare to break the rule. It seemed that all merry things in life were banned for me. I looked down, and I saw my feet, standing on the ground, and something woke me up from that coward state of mind.

Where was that ten year old rascal who stole tomatoes in the farm? Where has the insolent teenager gone? Where on Earth is the young passionate lover I once was? That cannot be lost! I unshod and ran towards the shore, I threw myself into the water and sprang out of it just to head to the dune. I hit the sign while ascending and saw a much clearer sky at the top. I rolled down the other side laughing as I hadn’t done for many years past. And I realized I hadn’t been a happy man since too long ago.

I was ill, complaining and complaining was my sickness. Not seeing the world but the fate wherever I looked. Not enjoying happiness but sadness of being sad. I made a promise to myself that very day, a promise in which I did not include her… No matter how, where or when, I will always feel strong enough to face this life my way.


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